Warning to all mineral rights owners Buyer Beware! of the Oil and Gas Con Men!

With all the new activity here in Ok with the Stack and Scoop oil and gas plays has brought out the Oil and Gas Con men criminals who will at a drop of a hat take advantage of unsuspecting disabled seniors as one did most recently in our family. I was negotiating with 3 companies who wanted to lease my and my cousins minerals for OGL. I was negotiating lease terms with all of them for about a month when this con man made an end run around me and got to my cousin directly who is and old disabled senior which is why I was handling all of this for him, and threaten him to sign his lease or he would pulled the deal as will as holding and flashing a large check in front of him to get him to sign his lease. Now he did sign this extremely bad lease, for my cousin being of limited capacity knew no better. This lease will provide most all of his royalty right back to the oil company about 98% of it.

So be aware of this and do whatever it takes to protect your family from these criminals for they are out there and will take advantage of your families seniors.

This con man has a long history of this and still continues it. I am not sure if I am allowed to report his name but if you would like to know his name PM me and I will give it to you.


Friend me. All may not be lost.

Ok hows that?

Tom Ed Moore may be correct, Captain Smith. Your cousin may have several possible avenues of relief.

I have sent you an invitation to become A Friend on The Forum.

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

Mr. Tooke, you catch my drift. Point him in the correct direction to resolve his uncle's dementia problem.

Tom Ed Moore

Deceptive Trade Practices?

Would you consider removing personal information and posting a copy of the lease which will pay only a such a small royalty?

Go ahead and provide the crook's name. I have seen it done in the past on this forum.

The last thing this forum needs is a gag order to protect crooks.

Bob Malone, Malone Petroleum Consulting

That is an interesting one. Personally I like to see as many of these old leases as possible. Interestingly, one of the companies that was leasing heavily in my area back in 2013 and 2014, initially started out with a lease that had a clause in it that "forbid" the mineral owner from sharing the lease with anyone! A friend shared the lease with me before the landmen called me for a meeting which gave me a few days to study the lease before I met with them. After reading the lease, I really wasn't interested in wasting my time talking to them; but, I did agree if they would bring the local manager of the group along with them. As we were having our little discussion around the kitchen table, I made a specific point to ask the question about that particular clause and then I asked him what that really meant. Without even stuttering, he said that it means exactly what it says, sharing with no one. So I asked him if that meant that I couldn't even share with my attorney and with fire in his eyes he looked at me and said "that means no sharing and specifically an attorney". My answer to him was thanks; but, I believe you will have a hard time getting this lease signed around here because, I have most everyone's e-mail address and I will be sending out a big BEWARE e-mail as soon as you guys leave. I also sent the e-mail as well as a draft copy of the lease to the local attorney too. Eventually they did have to go through our local attorney to get most of the leases signed.

Now that's an interesting little experience. I've never heard of putting that sort of a provision in a lease before. Who the hell were those Jerks and what company were they representing?

I want to put them down in My Book. Right next to the names of the Jerks who ripped off Captain Smith's cousin.

By the way, Captain Smith shared their names with me. I'll share them with you if he will give me his permission.



If we aren't already friends, I will send you a friend request and send their names to you and If I can find the old lease, and I think I can, I will send you a copy of their lease as well. I have close to 100 leases in my files and this was my first as well; but, this lease has a bunch of firsts in it. There are a lot of bad ones out there; but, this one crowned them all. I had never heard of the agency representing the Oil Company before; but, the company is well recognized for drilling chalk around College Station and Giddings areas.

We are actively leasing in the Scoop and Stack. I'm not sure if I can reveal our business name but I can assure you we never jerk around any land owner. Every single lease we take offers great protections and clauses. We offer these without the landowner having to ask for them. If anyone needs to contact me to lease or just advice regarding a lease you are negotiating feel free to message me. We are aggressive, well funded, close very quickly, sometimes in a week, will be competitive with our bonus and most importantly construct a very good lease every single time, okcounty records will back me up on that.

Ok I am willing to hear you out, I will give anyone the benefit of the doubt here. Just be prepared that I will never trust any landman again and everything will have to be proven to the T. As well as your identity background experience, education etc...

Sent you a message.

I might add that this lease was not only a very poor lease for the minerals rights owner but as well was for only a 3/16 royalty a 3 year with a 2 year option at same very low bonus at $1000/nma with absolutely no protection or protection clauses of any kind which is completely one sided for the oil company that provides no protection at all for my cousin. This was a landman's dream lease because any and every oil company would buy this lease in a heartbeat which took place twice before the ink was dry on it. Providing this landman a very nice payday for his criminal acts. The deals I had in the works were all at 1/4th royalty with increasing bonus amounts from a low of 1500 to as high as 2500 only a 3 year no 2 year option with all the many protection clauses that all mineral rights owner should all have and with a no deductions clauses with a gross royalty paid. So my family's injuries here are great and we will never be able to recover this harm and damage that this criminal caused. I may add this lease will be HBP probably for at least 30 yrs. and maybe for 60 yrs. or more that my family and my family's family will have to live with or sell again at a large loss.


In addition to all the other illegal criminal activity of this landman he also ask for and wanted a kickback of $50 per acre. He wanted us to pay him for bringing this extremely bad lease to us. Of which my cousin agreed and paid him before he even got his check of which this landman demanded up front before he would deliver his check. This kickback agreement was even done in writing of which was provided to our attorney. But even though we have hard evidence of this we were not able to have criminal charges brought against this criminal, the attorney advised. Really!! what is this the WILD WILD WEST!!

Well it's my hope that I will be able to recoup some of my family's losses here with the leasing of my 26.575nma that I have still available for OGL. I looking for a 3year no 2 yr. option, lease bonus amount of $3000/ ac bonus with a 1/4th gross royalty. With my good protective no deduction of any kind whatsoever OGL . However since my cousins lease was for 53.6 NMA I will never be able to recoup this difference, so will just get all that I can for mine. I will not lease my minerals until pooling is filed for and may even wait to the last day of the force pooling order before I will lease. In this way I will get the best offers and deal for my minerals. Or I may auction my minerals off when pooling is filed for with Open Lease Auction who will put my minerals up for auction and obtain the best deal this way. Again you will not get the best offers and deal until pooling is filed for and then is usually when the good offers come in.

Newfield hold the majority of the lease hold in our section 4-18-14 Dewey county. I Am the only and last hold out in this section that has not yet been leased for almost a year now. My 26.575 NMA is the only available not yet lease minerals available in this section. We are right in the middle of Newfield's and Continental's zone 2 of the Over-Pressured $TACK play. Hopefully we can and will be able to recoup some of our losses but they are huge!

It might be a poor lease deal or poor business decision but I believe it's nowhere near an unconscionable bargain so action will probably not have favorable results.

If it helps any, my aunt has your family member beat by a large margin. As with your family member's lease, my aunt's lease changed hands twice within a week. My aunt leased for 15% royalty and $200 per acre. The landman took the lease in his own name, and assigned the lease to the company he was part owner of for 20% and an undisclosed amount of cash per mineral acre. His company assigned the lease to the operator for 20.625 % and yet more undisclosed amount of cash. Acreage in that area at that time was leasing for about $2,000 acre bonus and generally 20%. This was for about 120 NMA. Things can always be worse.

You can ask your family members to consult with you but you can't keep them locked in a closet. I have other family members who leased for 1/6 in the same area.

I narrowly stopped my brother from demanding just 2 weeks ago, to be allowed to pay $30,000 Extra, to participate in some already payed out wells that we have that are involved in a lawsuit. You can only ask they consult you, whether they will or not is out of your hands.