Small mineral right that I'm not sure what to do with

I inherited a small mineral right in Jackson County West Virginia. My grandmother owned 1/8 of 4 acres, and I received 37.5% of this. My decimal in the well is .00038693 (oil and gas software uses 1.0 for 100%). I would love to not leave this small mineral to my three kids who would have to probate my will in another state. I contacted a broker, but my mineral right is way too small for them to want to help with. Does anyone know of who I can donate or sell such a small mineral right to? I know one option is to not pay the property taxes so the sheriff takes it over, but I hate the thought of not paying taxes.

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You can donate to a church or charity that is meaningful to you.


Martha has already given the best answer to your question. I’d just like to add that I admire your common sense and integrity.

another alternative is sometimes the surface owner will purchase it, so he/she can have a little bit more control over what happens.

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