Site royalty owner

Somervelll, Hood, Callahan and Montuge counties have gas or oil sites with my family names first and last in a few.

So far ive only track Hood and Somervell. All of A138 Milam, half A37 Galveston, A41 A42 Hernandez, Hood A348, A349, All railroad.

From my research it appears the railroad patents run from Gila County Az to central Texas that later became the Union Pacific or BNSF. Ten mile sections for the track was granted that in part was all bought by a handful of families to hold for future generation. I’m related to most and few heirs.

I’d like to verify my findings quicksilver had a lease on my land and my grandfather had 100% interest no other owner appeared on deed from county.

I’d like to find partners to build power plants and new gas production.

You should talk with FERC & the EPA about building that new power plant. Then speak with your bankers about loaning you money to drill those natural gas wells. All of these are really easy to do. I wish you success.

Epa didn’t exist until 1977 when jimmy carter did that. power plant fall under the regulation of first year of construction. These started operating in 1947 and only gas was shut-in from company going bankrupt. I’ve tried everywhere but just get more questions.

On this site the epa would only be for air pollution and not get to access enter site at all. I worked for txu these sites are internally regulated. nuclear is only type that has any federal regulation in txu system. all inside land patents.

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