Sec 6 and 19 T09N R04W Warhawk 0631 DO?

Has anyone received a Division Order for the Warhawk 0631 ? Looks like the 1H started production in Feb 2019 and the sisters in Sept 2019. I didn’t see a first sale date. It is EOG and they may be late??? I haven’t heard anything yet…

Yes I have received division order and first payments on the first well-sisters should start paying March or April I expect. But they were late on first well so…who knows! If you have not been paid I would contact EOG.

Thanks for the information!!! Do you remember when you received the Division Order ? I ask because I have an Attachment A on my lease which EOG has to do special procedures --it appears — so maybe that is slowing i down a month or two?

I will have to check date-I will get back to you on that!

Bud, On the Warhawk, I received my Division order last August. I am,however, still waiting on my interest due for initial payment being late. They do seem to move slowly. I have had best success emailing them vs. calling.

I had a 4 well unit drilled by Trinity in Oklahoma that took 3 years from IP to get paid back revenue + 12% interest. It was annoying, but in the end it worked out fine. Where else can you loan money out at no risk and get 12% interest.

I called EOG and received a very friendly call from them. He said they were waiting on a Title Opinion from attorneys before they would send out the DO… He gave me a number and asked me to call back March/April 2020 if I haven’t heard anything by then. You are correct one can not beat 12% interest on this. It does take awhile; however, for the interest also. I have another that started first sale 12/2018 and EOG says they haven’t started doing the interest for that one yet( I called about the interest)( I am receiving production royalties now). But they are very friendly when they call me back ( but I guess very busy)