Royalties in 4N-62W


I have interest in quite a few recent drills and permitted wells in various sections in 4N-62W, who are the respectable buyers in this area? Have heard some bad stories.


Ferrari Energy


There is a lot of activity in 4N 62W. See the photo below. I have also attached a spreadsheet with all the wells and permits for you to review and see who the operators are.

I would suggest reaching out to the operators in the area and gauge their level of interest. Be aware that everyone will offer you a “fair” price, never actually tell you what your minerals are truly worth based on the recoverable resource, and then likely offer to purchase your property at that “fair” offer. It is very difficult to understand what your property is worth without getting an engineered appraisal. I would suggest to not sell or lease anything until you know what it is actually worth. Remember, an offer does not determine worth.

Send me a message if you have any questions. Feel free to check out the activity for free here.



-Wells-08-06-2018-09_19.xlsx (100.5 KB)


We are actually 7N66W 6th PM Sec 1:NW4 Lots 3 and 4

What’s the cost for an official valuation?


Thanks Craig, appreciate the information.


Hi Peggy,

As long as you can provide exactly what you own (acreage, percent ownership, and lease royalty) then we can get you an engineered valuation for that property for $400. We typically charge $600 but are giving a discount for the next few months.

Is this your property (light blue shade)?


No problem at all. Feel free to reach out if you are ever interested in getting an engineered valuation for your property. We are a new company formed by a bunch of oil and gas engineers and geologists and have found our prices to be anywhere from 1/5/th to 1/10th the cost of traditional valuations.