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When they changed the forum, I could not access my account. Evidently these bugs have been worked out so I was just seeing if I can now ask questions and observe other answers and questions regarding Reeves County Texas.


Good Morning John…Congratulations, You’re onboard now.
I still can’t figure out how to send messages to Forum Members. I have a Completion Report to send to a Van Zandt County member and I haven’t figured out how to get it to him. If you contact Aministrators they give you some C(computer)mumbo jumbo computer language that you don’t understand…it make us look like a bunch of dummies.
Clint Liles


Clint, I don’t think there is a Friends feature like to old site where you could message Friends, but they do get messaged if you post in the particular forum. I believe they are in the process of setting up permanent general interest groups for each county where there is substantial activity.


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


Good Morning Wade…good 2 hear from U.


Your post came to my email…so they are working on it and your posts are going to interested parties.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


Copy that!, Randy…

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen

Lawrence Rayburn


Sure wish you could send me some info on progress on my lans.
Sec8, blk 55, T4


Hi Louise…haven’t heard from U in a while…
Energen has approved permits in Section 8 for 4—12,000’ Wolfcamp wells.;jsessionid=elUArqhv34YhlrIGXyQ3XwYRYT2XxN_1OKj0ucBPCYhES96e_Hcg!1349073071?fromPublicQuery=Y&name=SKYFALL%2BSTATE%2BUNIT%2B55-8%2BA&univDocNo=491604439
GIS Map of Reeves County Section 8/Block 55T4S:

Clint Liles


Thanks, Clint for info… As I understand they are drilling all 4 at the same time. Where do I find out the progress?

I am struggling on this new platform. Stay in touch.


You are correct on all 4 wells being drilled about the same time…
Well 36882 spud(begin drilling) on 06/06/2018
Well 36883 spud on 06/13/2018
Well 36884 spud on 05/09/2018
Well 36885 spud on 05/20/2018

Clint Liles


Louise Welch1…

Give me time to drive up there north of Pecos on the west side of Hwy 285 and take a look at it. There’s so much activity all over the place in Reeves county, it’s hard to keep it all in perspective.

A man named Ribb contacted me about his property 3 sections to the east of the one I’m in. He said a company called Henry Oil bought the lease from

Noble Permian that was to expire the 14th of this month and said they would

be spudding a well this Saturday. Wife and I checked out his property and there was nothing there Wednesday…no road, no pad…nothing. I went back yesterday evening near dark and there was a new road, a pad being

graded out with caliche, two ratholes with conductors in place and the reserve pit was almost ready for plastic liner…all in ONE day!! They WILL

be ready to spud a well by Saturday like they told him.

It’s developing so fast around here my intelligence reports on people’s property are out of date and obsolete in a week’s time. So, until I go over to

your property for a look-see, I don’t want to give you false information.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen

Lawrence Rayburn


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Clint, it’s great to see your post. I can only see others posting on my e-mail account. I entered my e-mail 3 times on the new format and was told I was not a
member. I was recognized as a member one time: when I was accused of posting
advertisements for my own business that does not exist nor ever has. I have tried
to reply in the past, but nothing happens.


when you read on here that conversations are private…don’t believe it…I’ve had some stuff deleted…and this will probably disappear also…
Feel free to email my email address…
Clint Liles
Clint Liles


If anyone has evidence of statements suggesting or saying that posts on this forum are private, please point them out. To the contrary, notice in our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service that everything written on this forum aside from the Private Messages are available for indexing by internet search engines, and in fact available to the public at large.


Kenny… I notice the Green Reply Privately button is GONE…so I guess you’re right it’s all public now.
No problem.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


You are such a good guy and I thank you so much. Don’t worry about going up there as I have heard it’s really dangerous on the roads. But, thanks anyway.


Louise…I gotta go up there to Orla anyway to talk to that guy I told you about…Seth Crawford. I’ll be passing right by the County Road that

leads west to your land. It’s no trouble for me to stop by and look at it, then send you a heads up on what’s happening there.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen

Lawrence Rayburn


As I understand they have 4 wells spudded, trying to survey electrical lines, already surveyed for pipeline from east to west. Seems a shortage on everything needed for the wells all over. Roads, pipelines, electrical lines and no telling what else.

Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate it.