Mineral appraiser

A lawyer friend is looking for a large-scale mineral appraiser in Florida who can appraise minerals spanning 13 counties.

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There is a very good chance NRM Solutions could help in this situation. We have done many appraisials and would be happy to help with you freinds apprasial.

If you are intrested please let me know and lets talk.


Does NRM have a website?

I worked as a reservoir engineer on Jay field, as well as a few smaller fields, in Florida. What kind of valueation you are looking for?

look up 4cast io - they can help you with any evaluations for a reasonable price.

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My_PE. I’m not sure whether the party is wanting to sell or if it is for estate purposes. This involves about 25,000 acres in 13 counties.

For NRM Solutions, I requested on your website a detailed explanation of how you would value producing and non-producing acreage in Florida.

I am looking for appraiser leads and I would appreciate if the community would allow complete responses with web links so I can evaluate and follow-up.

I don’t understand why Zac_BBA_4cast post is hidden by the community, but other responses to my request are not? I would like to visit with all of these parties to see if any of them can help. I’m available for a private message, if that feature is working.

Solicitations are not allowed on the forum in the topics area. Forum users agree to the rules when they sign up. A filter may be catching the name.

The Directories tab above has several appraisers who have paid to be advertisers. Vass works on the East side of the country. Lentz works the middle and Rockies.

Mine isn’t a solicitation. It’s to help another person. I have no idea why some people can mention one firm and where I have experience with another firm, I can’t mention someone who helped me? Google 4cast io - they do engineering appraisals @Donald_Skotty im not associated in anyways with this firm.

I don’t think any of the replies are naked solicitations. I asked for appraiser recommendations, and appreciate the responses. I have found NRM and 4cast io online but would like to contact the PE. Perhaps the monitor can facilitate contact?

I’m still relatively new to this forum and have full respect to the compliance. Try to get familar with the all the functionalities of this forum.

@Donald_Skotty, I also worked on projects in a couple of Parishes in Louisiana (Vermilion, Jefferson). I found you at Linkedin too.

Thank you for finding me on LinkedIn.

@Donald_Skotty I had a very good appraisal experience with Pecan Tree Oil & Gas

Did Pecan Tree appraise producing and non-producing? Thank you

Yes and they also do retrospective appraisals if you are needing something to establish capital gains

CRC, thank you for the information. How do you know Pecan?

Pecan is an advertiser on this site. Tracey does a great job.

They did an appraisal for me after I inherited rights in several counties in OK and NM and I found them to be very thorough, knowledgeable and professional