Mcclain County Section 6 and 7 -7N 4W


I am in Mcclain County and the Newfield-Brooks well has been in production since January LAST YEAR (2018). They still havent paid out royalties. Does anyone else know anything about this section? They have been in production for 17 months. Section 6 and 7 -7N 4W. Any help or advice is appreciated


Suggest that you send a certified return receipt letter and request your Division Order, payment and any statutory interest that is owed. The “active” date on the Gross Production site is 1/9/18, so you are way beyond the six month time frame. Newfield was just bought by Encana, so that might have slowed things down a bit. I am getting my regular checks on wells from Newfield, but they also have the Encana name on them at the top. It is possible that they do not have your correct address.

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That is pretty slow, if there is a title issue such as a missing probate, then they should inform you.

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I have talked to them twice and they are having a problem with titles, they assured me they will pay with interest as soon as they get their problems fixed. Hope this is soon.