Mcclain County Oklahoma 17-8N-4W


I am in need of some clarification and help.
Due to family issues, I have been told by one person that there is mineral rights for my family in Mcclain County in section 17-8N-4W. Oddly enough, I know some people that live in that section, and they own their mineral rights. I was told ( probably lied to) that there have been offers for up to $15k per acre since our wells are producing. Supposedly we have up to 30 acres.
This is all foreign to me, and I am looking for some guidance and a place to start. I know there ARE mineral rights in my family, but I’m not sure where. My father who has told me this information is a severe alcoholic and has been a pathological liar all of his life. I am asking for help in where to start. My family is the Brooks out in Blanchard/Purcell area, and Brooks is my paternal grandmothers maiden name.
Please forgive my ignorance in this process and procedures, I am in the medical field so this is outside of my wheel house. I appreciate any help.


Sometimes it helps to look at a spacing application that covers that area. Notification is “supposed” to be made to all of the owners.
Here is one for that entire section.

I don’t see the Brooks name there, but there may be some names you might recognize.


Thank you. The name is Glen Gray. That my uncle. I’m not sure where my father’s name is though. He had 1/2 of the 160 acres. But to the best of my knowledge, Glen Gray sold his mineral rights.


I apologise, half of 120 acres. He isn’t listed on it but he’s included in the heirship and had recently gotten offers. I’m thinking my Glen had George, my father’s, sign over his portion but my father adamantly denies that.


George Gray conveyed his interest to Glenn Gray 27 Dec 2011.
You can search the county records here. You need an account to view the documents.

This was part of a 120 acre tract. But the ownership was way more diluted than you seem to think. There are several owners in that same tract.


George Gray was not in Oklahoma at the time, his wife was dying of cancer and the deed itself looks suspicious. There are no 2 signatures. I was advised to look at a silent title suit.