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Todd hello wrll i called le jones and aeveral if rhey offices sorry but i want to brag on then they d ok not know Jack Shit pardon that but they are no help i asked abouts all the wells and stuff in Oklahoma to do with my family they gad no clye abiut jack shit and on top that they lied and said they have nothing to do with the sundabce kid wrell ir had any thing to do with any sec 35 01s 04w and 2601s04w said 89 energy /cameno has it and has gad it sunce 2018 any way they suck but how do i get those wrlls out of production or suspension

You need to hire a lawyer & have their estates probated in Oklahoma. Camino operates the Sundance Kid well. LE Jones operations shallow wells that your predecessors own an interest in.

Hello I inherited mineral rights here in Texas. I filled the affidavit of heirship in Dallas County. But I look up my mom name she is probate to forth worth. . I contact the County clerk. She send me a document to sign. The document came frome Tarrent County Appraisal. That’s it. Oh from the mineral accounts division. . What’s next.

Todd my grand mother had no will nor did my dad or magies parson my great grandmother

Your share of royalties will remain in suspense until you hire a lawyer with an Oklahoma license to probate or quiet the title to the minerals that are owned by your ancestors. No matter how many phone calls, letters or e-mails you send, your interest will remain suspended.