Leasing with Duke Minerals

Has anyone had any experience with Duke Minerals Non-OP LLC?

Always helps if you post the state and county as a company may operate in several states.

Sorry about that. This is for Oklahoma, leases are in Okfuskee and McIntosh although I suspect this land person does leases all over OK and perhaps Texas.

Field with Bizapedia March 10, 2015 Office in OKC.

Filed instead of “field”. They are probably a leasing agent for others.

Can you tell me how a lessor (me) could cancel a lease agreement with a lessee and refund a bonus payment received?

Not my area of expertise. I thought a signed contract is pretty much a once and done and you can’t get out of them. Maybe one of the attorneys can comment.

Please see the lawsuit “ Latessa vs Duke minerals Non-op, etal”. That should answer any question

That certainly got my attention. Too bad you can not read the court documents without subscription or fees. I would like to know what legal system has to say about Duke Minerals. I had a very uneasy feeling working with this guy and nothing good came out of it.

For 2019 looks like they’ve been actively leasing in Mcintosh, Hughes, Okfuskee.

The only time they assigned to another company was in Kingfisher County.

Duke Minerals Non-Op, LLC by W Energy Capital Oklahoma, LLC c/o Walker & Walker

Looks like Derek Walker is the managing member. https://www.linkedin.com/in/derek-walker-2514b2/

Other than that I do not know anything about them.