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Randy, A well can be drilled before all mineral owners are leased if they pool the ones that are not leased. You should not have to wait on any other people to send in leases in order to be paid. What was your agreement with them? Did they originally send you a letter stating how long it would be for payment?


There wasn't a specific deadline for payment written into the lease. However, when asked the landman replied via email-- " We will close and issue checks as soon as we get all the original leases back for the entire section. Once we receive the original leases for all mineral owners, our legal counsel approves the leases for filing. This is typically a quick process. "


I would send a demand email back to him. Tell him they have 30 days to remit payment or you will record an affidavit of non-payment at the county clerks office.


It sounds to me like they are trying to market your lease to someone else at a better price than they paid you. I have never taken more than a week to issue a check to a mineral owner after I received their lease. The attorneys should have reviewed the leases prior to you signing it.

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