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Silvester, You are wise to be cynical. Does that make sense? At my age, I can't be too carefull, no recovery time! LOL


Randall: At my age (87) I am with you!


I concur with Sylvester. A contract to purchase your mineral rights is only as good as the person or company behind it. Clearly these speculators are hoping the value rises between the time you agree to sell and when they can flip it. And I suspect many (most?) can't pay you till they do sell it. However, if the value starts falling --which is always a possibility when prices start rising and drilling picks up, or if there's another Wall Street meltdown or some other economic calamity-- then they will never make good on the deal. As someone advised, it's vitally important to know who you're dealing with. But even if you feel quit confident, someone here advised people to execute the contract and send them a set marked "COPY" to shop around but never give them the originals until they have payment in hand.


Mr Gillette, if you look at the well economics, then you have to remember that the EUR is measured until the last profitable bbl or mcf is produced. The first bbls have to return the capital sunk into the leases and drilling. After the rate declines, the profit per bbl plummets especially if the water production is high. The last bbls are nearly worthless if you look at the time value of money.


Theri received notice of a hearing before the OCC today. It was a third notice of continuance. TPR Mid Continent is requesting a multi unit horizontal well in sections 4 and 9 of 8north 7 west. Does anyone know the outcome? Thanks.


How about a little more GOOD NEWS!

On Thursday, Brent topped $80 per barrel for the first time since November 2014, ……….

But betting that oil prices have hit a ceiling and liquidating bullish positions is a “dangerous” game, according to Goldman Sachs...….

“The rally likely has room to run, particularly from a returns perspective. Oil fundamentals are now more bullish as robust demand faces supply disappointments,....”

Venezuela is melting down, a sizable chunk of Iranian supply is at risk, supply losses in Angola have been larger than expected, and Brazil’s production growth has disappointed.....

Goldman says that there could be a 1-million-barrel-per-day supply gap as soon as this summer.

And Grady County will be right there to help fill that MILLION BARREL PER DAY GAP!


Of those 3 predictions on April 30, that first one came true today.

"First there was the prediction of $80 oil.

Saudi Arabia Signals Ambition for $80 Oil Price

Then, $100 oil.

OPEC's new price hawk Saudi Arabia seeks oil as high as $100

Now it's $300 oil.

Largest supply shock ever’ could bring $300 oil,"

Now, how about those OTHER TWO!

I definitely think $100 oil is doable.

But that $300 oil is a real...…...LONG SHOT!


I see on the OCC site approval to drill the Alex 2-SWD in close proximity to the Tarzan ( Marathon) well. Could this mean we are closer to a start date on that well?


Natural gas $2.89.

Natural gas gained 4 cents to $2.89 per 1,000 cubic feet.

$3.50 here we come!

I believe the North American natural gas market is setting up for a significant price spike in just a few months...... I certainly don’t expect gas go over $10.00/MMBtu, but a move back to over $3.50/MMBtu would make a lot of upstream gas company stocks look extremely attractive. (posted April 29.)


Folks; I just discovered I have a long term Lease Hold in Grady county.

It came to me in a bundle of odds and end lease related stuff I purchased years back. Will some of you explain what position that places me in, in relation to all the other big companies preparing to spud in Grady.

Does a Lease Hold pool in forced pooling like minerals??

Do the oil co.'s have to deal with me just as if I were my own Company.

Does a long term Lease Hold have any real value???

I am really in the dark on this one.


Garland: I am not an expert, but I think the details of your leasehold interest might tell you the answer.


Sylvester: I have a long term Lease Hold at 81%.


Hello Smart People of this Forum!

Stupid question for the group. I am in 18-6-6 and two different companies are proposing to drill two seperate wells, presently. Each proposing to drill horizontantly going in opposite directions. On one of the wells there are 3 protest to the one company that is wanting to drill, and on the other company, proposing going the opposite direction, another company is protesting it. It looks like juvenile warfare to me! My question is: How successful are these "Protest" when it comes to the judges and OCC? And aren't protest often common with seldom relief and more or less just formalities? Thanks in advance for the answers!


Frank, I knew about Continental's filing (Cause CD NO. 201803907/08), but did not know about the other. Do you have the Cause CD Number(s) for it? Thanks!


Garland: A leasehold of what? Royalty interest? Real estate? Do you have the leasehold document?



Garland: If you own a leasehold it normally means you own at least a portion of someones leases. Look at your papers and see what depths your interest covers. If you own in the formations where the wells will be drilled you will be added to the pooling. If you own all depths then I am surprised you do not have a WI or ORRI in a producing well.


Thanks Don ! I thought you would know about the one in your section. The other Cause CD No. is 201801311/201801291.


a little help from some of you pros. If any of you are tracking production Coffeyville does not seem to have sent in their form according to the OCC for February production. Any clues what is going on?


Question: I have just leased some rights in a section that has recently opened up due to an old vertical well being plugged and abandoned. The leasing company says they'll cut checks "Once we receive the original leases for all mineral owners." However, can drilling begin before the entire section is leased? If so, is the leasing company required to remit lease payments at that point? Thanks


Just got MidCon hearing notice for hearing at OCC. Section 26, 8N 6W. The Ellis unit is producing in that section, operated by Devon.

The notice includes three levels: Mississippian, Woodford and Hunton.

Seems like some more horizontal wells being contemplated.