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A closer look at that survey below shows that one of the 6 wells in the middle with the big black dot was preexisting,

So the survey was for 5 new wells, not 6.

So it looks like "fully developed" means 5 wells.

Sounds good to me!


I believe they have established that 4 wells per section is the best way to attack the springer formation. They did 3 pilot tests one 4 wells, 5 wells, 6wells. From these they decided that 4 were best.


Sounds right, Rick.

I'll take it!


Papa: Thanks. I'll be anxiously awaiting further action!



Apache Corp / section 6-7N-7W. Grady County

Apache has won out over other competitors. Apache is proposing to develop Section 6 by establishing two (2) pooled units. The Mississippian development will follow the full development of the Woodford. Hers what the judge says we get:

4,500.00 PMA = 1/8

4,000.00 PMA = 1/6

3,000.00 PMA = 7.5%

I have never been in a "Forced Pooling". Is that it ???


Just signed a lease: 31-9N-7W for $4,500 acre+ 1/5th (20%)


Trying to identify all of the sections in the SpringBoard based on everyone's input using Continental's image of the SpringBoard area...

Green = Units in Progress

Orange = Planned Units

Light Blue = Non-Op Units or Not Planned

Blue = Developed Units



Your numbers are a bit off.

4,500.00 PMA = 1/8 (1/8 + 0 ORRI) or 12.50%

4,000.00 PMA = 3/16 (1/8 + 1/16 ORRI) or 18.75%

3,000.00 PMA = 20% (1/8 + 7.5% ORRI) or 20%

$0 and 1/4 RI (1/8 + 1/8 ORRI) or 25%

You can also make separate elections if desired.
Make sure you make an election on this pooling order, the clock is ticking. You don't want to be stuck with the default election of 1/8 RI.


Thanks, Don. Looks great..

But the Continental chart shows the Pyle (a 2 section unit well in 36 and 25) all in Row 3. So it looks like Secs. 36 and 25 are both in Row 3, not 25 in Row 2 and 36 in Row 3.


I believe they have established that 4 wells per section

I believe that 4 wells per section rule applies to 2 section units like the Pyle well in 25 and 36 i.e. not 8 wells for a 2 section unit.

But I am wondering if the 4 well per section rule applies separately to each layer in the section, the Springer, the Woodford, and the Sycamore i.e. 12 wells per section for all 3 layers.

That would be NICE!


Especially for us OLD guys...4 wells per section per per layer...IMO


I think Don's map is correct. The Pyle well should be aligned east to west with the Triple H Unit (which lies in sections 30 and 31). There may be a temptation to read too much into that little Pyle arrow, which points out only the general drilling location of a single well, and not future drilling plans.


I hope you are right, George.

Cuz that goes for the YOUNG GUYS TOO!

And if youth is a state of mind (like the sign on the Chiropractor's window said) that includes ME!


Could be JW.

But it's hard to believe that the 2 section Pyle well would not all be in the same Row.


Gordon, I don't think there are any density units yet in the sycamore in this area, so I don't know what well density the industry will settle on yet. As to the Woodford I think we will see from 5 wells in the gassier areas to 6 or 7 in the oil leg. From what I have gathered from industry presentations, the Woodford and Sycamore is thicker and less brittle than the springer requiring more wells, good for mineral owners, bad for economics (oil companies) I think that is why they are developing the springer first.


I have a question about Sections 24 and 13 9N 5W.

Roan Resources has a hearing on May 11 for a Multiunit Horizontal Well on the EAST side of those sections in the Mississippian, Woodford and Hunton formations.

EOG Resources has a hearing on May 14 for a Multiunit Horizontal Well in the same formations on the WEST side of the same sections for the same formations. Isn't this a little unusual?


Don, Thanks so much for your illustration. Makes sense to me.


Gordon - I believe each row in the CLR chart is 2.25 miles long, so that is the reason you see the Pyle perhaps straddling a row. Anyway, Don's map is easier to understand than the CLR presentation but then again, the presentation was for shareholders not specific to mineral owners. Keep the data vague to mineral owners and maybe they will agree to sell for a lower price.


Right Papa.

Don's Springboard map is great because it shows that, regardless of this Row or that Row, Continental is going to "fully develop" practically all of 7-6 and a lot of 6-6 and 7-5, with literally hundreds of wells.

They have worked hard for years and have developed this with their own ingenuity and a shale technology that was practically nonexistent less than 5 years ago.

That's a remarkable accomplishment and every mineral owner in Grady County is the beneficiary.

Continental and the other oil companies did all the work and all we have to do is wait on the MAIL BOX MONEY!


Here's a pretty good description of Continental.

Continental is a wildcatter’s dream. Started by Mr Hamm when he was 21, a decade ago it was still drilling just 7,000 barrels a day (b/d) in the Bakken, a 9,000 square-mile formation in North Dakota and Montana where it pioneered a combination of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and horizontal drilling; last quarter production reached as much as 161,000 b/d. .......

Unlike many rival shale producers, it has stuck with the Bakken and with shale deposits in Oklahoma, rather than chasing the more fashionable reserves of the Permian Basin in west Texas and New Mexico.

You bet they stuck with Oklahoma and the Springboard proves it!