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I saw Continental Resources announcement that they will drill 350 wells in the SCOOP, in a 70 square mile area. Did anyone see an announcement of specifics on the location?


We are starting to get several offers to sell in 12 and 13 6 6, as well as 5 6 5.

Anyone else receiving offers in these areas?


Joyce, Look up the Continental Resources "SpringBoard" development. P. 16 recent May 2018 update. They have a map.


Springboard-Pyle is 25& 36-7N-6W, Triple H is 19-7N-5W. You can see them on the map, so count each set and you can pretty much figure it out.


lezlie, we got a offer for $26,000 is 12 6n6w. look back at old post we are now scheduled to get "fully" developed. Gulf port announced earnings this afternoon and in their presentation they have the Caney Shale now being a target, CLR alluded to "other targets" in their CC I bet they are seek the same thing. three wells just east of us in the Caney according to GPOR. need to verify that.


I am looking at Page 16 of the CLR Presentation. I can't tell if Row 4 represents the first 6 sections in 6N-6W or the last 6 sections in 7N-6W. Can anyone tell?


9 miles wide and 9 miles deep...probably does


The Pyle is in 36(25)-7-6 in Row 3, so Row 4 would be in 6-6, including Secs. 1-6 and Secs. 12-7,Papa, 2 mile wide 6 miles long.


Looks like 3-6-6 and 5-6-6 and 1/2 of 2-6-6 are excluded for some reason.

I don't know why because Continental has big wells in both 3 and 5.


Gordon i believe that is section 8 operated by kaiser and sec 10

operated by marathon


Can someone help me interpret the "SpringBoard" map? Specifically - is Sec 23, 6N, 5W included? Thanks ---I'd be lost without this forum!!


Gordon i believe that is section 8 operated by kaiser and sec 10

operated by marathon

That would explain those 2 white areas, Jake.

But then it looks like Row 4 would include Secs. 13 through 18 in 6-6.


Looks like my holdings in 9-7-6 are in row 3? I have a hard time telling what sections are presented. But...looks good for all of us with development in both Springer and Woodford on tap.



I believe you are right I think secs 12/13, 14/23, 15/22, 9/16, 17, 18/19 in 6n 6W make up the "4th row"


Wouldn't the developed unit to the left on the slide in blue be Sec 29-7N-6W, the Hartley Density Unit? That is the only fully developed Sec that I know of in 7N-6W.


Could be, Rick.

There are only 2 Hartley wells in 29 and the chart says "developed".

But they proposed 6 back in 2014.

Maybe they are going to drill 4 more.

It's all a little confusing but very interesting!


Hope Jake and Gordon are correct. So Section 5-6-6 is in Row 3.


Sylvester, if Jake and Gordon are correct your holdings will be in Row 1 form what I can tell.


Three Hartley wells have surface locations in Sec. 32 but drill through 29.


That makes 5 Hartleys, Rick.

Close enough to 6 for GOVERNMENT WORK!