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Anyone know what section Triple H is in? Where is this springboard going to take off?


triple h 27-5-6.


Looks like there is a Triple H in 30-7-5 too, pd.


Yep Gordon, that is where the Triple H's are... the one's highlighted on page 16 of Continental's presentation. Looking at the page 16 slide it looks like the "SpringBoard" has begun on Row 1.

The most recent "Permits to Drill" in 7N-7W:

The most recent "Notifications of Well Spud" in 7N-7W:


Apparently, they are planning 350 wells over 70 square miles.

The project covers 70-square miles and includes approximately 45,000 gross (31,000 net) contiguous acres. The Company anticipates approximately 100 Springer wells and up to 250 Woodford and/or Sycamore wells will be drilled in the project with gross unrisked reserve potential of over 400 MMBoe. The Company will operate these wells with an average working interest of approximately 75%. The Company currently plans to develop Project SpringBoard in two phases, with "Phase 1" focused on the Springer reservoir and "Phase 2" focused on Woodford and Sycamore reservoirs. These reservoirs will be developed in rows up to nine miles wide to maximize the efficiencies and returns from the project.........These reservoirs will be developed in rows up to nine miles wide to maximize the efficiencies and returns from the project.

70 sq miles equals 70 sections or about 2 townships of 36 sections each.

As Don points out below it is clear that one of these townships to be developed by Continental is 7N-6W and at least (19)(30)(31) 7N-5W where the Triple H wells are.

I believe Don's chart below shows Continental is drilling all those wells below in 7N-6W, Sections 15,22, 23, and 24 and has already completed good wells in 21 (2 wells), 25, 26, 27, 28 with 6 wells planned in 29 plus good wells in 31.32, 33, 34, 35, and 36, all drilled by Continental.

So it looks to me like one "Row" of those reservoirs up to 9 miles wide is from (19)(30)(31)-7-5 west to (19)(30)(31)-7-6 containing a total of 18 sections or 25% of the 70 total sections Continental has.

If Continental is going to drill a total of 350 wells then 87 wells (25%) will be drilled in those 18 sections or about 5 wells per section.

Although this is pure speculation, maybe Grady County will end up looking like the chart above from the Bakken!


Thanks Gordon... yep 6W on the charts that I had as 7W ;)


if you listen to the CLR conference call the described Project Springboard like mowing the yard. Going from west to east with 5 rigs and with completion crews coming in behind them. When one row is finished they will start on east side and begin moving west. The "bragged" about buying 2500 acres of minerals in Spring Board and today we received a offer of $26,000 per acre.


My section 7-6N-6W looks to be at the end of the yard mowing... maybe why my telephone offer yesterday was for only for $21,000/acre.

Next door to the west in 12-6N-7W a section controlled by Apache I got an offer to purchase today of up to $20,000/acre. I wonder if Apache is trying the same thing as Continental?


meant to say east to west below



Do you think that 20 and 21 7N 6W are included in this springboard? We have been getting good offers to sell latley.


Rick: Yes, 20 and 21 are included. The Springboard roughly includes everything in 7N-6W, several sections in the North half of 6N-6W, and several sections in the W/2 of 7N-5W.


Has anyone had experience with American Mineral Partners in Oklahoma City? I signed a lease with them but have yet to receive the bonus check. Has anyone else had issues with this?


Shelby, just looking at the filings with the county clerk American Mineral Partners has 76 filings where they released oil and gas leases. Probably couldn't get anyone to accept an assignment. Over 500 various filings with the county clerk since January 2017 so they are quite active.


Thanks Don. My lease with them is in 4-8-7 do you know if it was one that was released.


Shelby, no your lease was not one that was released. I don't think they will release you from the lease unless you request it.


I read where all these people are getting offers but for my acres in Section 5-6-6, I have not received any offers. Not that I am looking to sell but the offers usually indicate something big is going to happen.


What are current lease offers at or near 31-9-7? Any drilling activity on the horizon? Thanks


Any idea why there are no horizontal wells in sec 26?


Looks like you've got one, Michael.