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First there was the prediction of $80 oil.

Saudi Arabia Signals Ambition for $80 Oil Price

Then, $100 oil.

OPEC's new price hawk Saudi Arabia seeks oil as high as $100

Now it's $300 oil.

Largest supply shock ever’ could bring $300 oil,

I don't believe a word of it but.......THERE'S ALWAYS THE UNEXPECTED!


how do you know if your interests are within a wells spacing order?



Remember awhile back when increased density in the SW Corner of 7N 5W set things off.

Well now CLR 201504796 has a dismissal order

676543 for 30-07N-05W & 31-07N-06W


3505124336 Super Heaters LLC has a permit to drill a straight hole Disposal well in 32-07N-05W



New entrant in the most wells contest:

8 Hansells

8 Poteet,

?Good Martin?

9 Doppelganger


I own minerals in sections 14, 15 and 23-4N-7W, we received an offer from a company I am unfamiliar with and it also seemed low.

Anybody know of anyone interested in this area?



12 Cheyenne (6) / North Cheyenne (6) wells 10-4N-6W

8 wells actually go north into section 3 from 10-4N-6W

4 wells go south into section 15 from 10-4N-6W

8 Good Martin

8 Johnson Rogers


Doug... a lot may be riding on the CLEBURNE 7R-12X13H ... Gulfport thought enough of the area to re-drill after the collapsed casing in the first well. That well was recently fracked.

The last minerals sold in section 23 a year ago went for $4,950/acre.

I don't see any leasing interest since 2016 in 23-4N-7W.

The last minerals sold in section 15 was almost a year ago. Unable to determine the price per acre.

Very little leasing in section 15-4N-7W... the last in September 2017 by D J HUBBARD LAND & CATTLE LLC (they also have a couple of the active leases in section 14).

Small amounts of minerals sold in section 14 recently. Unable to determine the price per acre.

22 active leases in section 14-4N-7W... last leasing activity was in November of 2017. PRAIRIE OIL & GAS LLC and CHAPLAND SERVICES LLC are the companies with the majority of the most recent leases.


project "spring Board" for those of us in 6&7N 6w we about about to be "fully developed...that is why the offers for mineral purchase.

see 1st quarter presentation

page 16


Rdub, where are all of the Hansell wells located. We are only aware of one in Sec3 6N 5W. are the seven other well new?


Thank You, Ms Barnes!! I have a feeling I'll be making a trip to the courthouse for the day soon. I'm sorry it took me so long to thank you, you almost always have an answer for us lay people.


Jake: Hot link doesn't get me to page 16. How do I access it?

Jim B


Of interest:

SCOOP: Project "SpringBoard" Announced with Phase 1 Springer Row Development Underway

The Company has initiated a multi-zone, oil development project within SCOOP named Project SpringBoard. The project covers 70-square miles and includes approximately 45,000 gross (31,000 net) contiguous acres. The Company anticipates approximately 100 Springer wells and up to 250 Woodford and/or Sycamore wells will be drilled in the project with gross unrisked reserve potential of over 400 MMBoe. The Company will operate these wells with an average working interest of approximately 75%. The Company currently plans to develop Project SpringBoard in two phases, with "Phase 1" focused on the Springer reservoir and "Phase 2" focused on Woodford and Sycamore reservoirs. These reservoirs will be developed in rows up to nine miles wide to maximize the efficiencies and returns from the project.

"Project SpringBoard is a massive oil project controlled and operated by Continental," said Tony Barrett, Vice President, Exploration. "SpringBoard marks the beginning of full scale development of our SCOOP oil assets, following years of exploration, leasing and delineation drilling. With oil differentials below $2.00, these barrels represent some of the most profitable barrels within the Company."

Before beginning row development of the Springer, the Company recently completed the four-well Triple H Springer unit within Project SpringBoard. The four Springer producers flowed at a maximum combined 24-hour IP rate of 6,065 Boe per day, with 88% of the production being high quality, sweet 46 gravity crude. The Triple H wells were drilled to test the productivity of thinner areas of the reservoir, using extended laterals that were 10,200 feet long. These extended laterals were drilled in approximately the same number of days (35 days) and at drilling costs comparable to one-mile laterals drilled approximately one year earlier.


Jim, when you get to the CLR website hit the 1/4 presentations, and it should download the report. good luck good read

#38408 This should open the continental presentation


Thanks jake! That does explain the recent offers.

Looking at Jim's post I have a question: Are they drilling these wells in 35 days now?


Does anyone have any information on sec32 10n 7w, on line, production, can't find any information


we drilled a well with Newfield with a 10,000' lateral in the Woodford in 28 days, so yes they are getting these drilled in a month or so.


Pepper, well went active 3-19-2018. I haven't seen a completion report yet. Image is from Tax Commission's PUN Search site.


Whoa! Thanks jake! Less than 2 years for Phase I ... Seems awful fast.


Thank you Don