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Gracie…I’m don’t know the answer to your question but had a thought. If the well was drilled to a certain more shallow shale especially one above the Woodford and they plugged it then maybe now it might be turned back (released) and you might lease it to someone that might go get that deeper oil.

In the late 1970s there was a well drilled on our section 34 2n,4w. It came in at 70 bbls. of oil a day and made the front page of the Duncan Banner as a really good well where they had gone in a previous well/hole. But we only got one little check and then the next thing we knew they were plugging it. It has laid out unleased all these years since and now Continental has it leased, it’s in a "hot’ area in the SCOOP and a couple of days ago we were offered $5600. an acre to sell which we are not going to do because they are drilling great wells all around us! Continental said "we’ve known for a long time that it (oil, etc) was there but it was not feasible to go after that deep until the oil reached around $100 a bbl. " Not saying that’s the case here but their could be a silver lineing behind that cloud. Think Positive!


Don’t know what effect if an it will have on CLR but worth knowing[Quote]Oil Billionaire Harold Hamm’s Divorce Could Be World’s Most Expensive At Over $5 Billion[/Quote]…


I need to know how do i go about letting continental know that there is heirs for my moms part.I have tried contacting them,but they transfer me first to a Patricia and i got her answering machine.The second time they transfered me to Beth still got answering machine



Thanks for that nice comment and from what I have heard others that have been at this for much longer then I, that bonus money for 1/4 has never been offered before.

The bidding went on all day. There must be great interest in this section 33 7N-6W as is first I’ve seen and my other one is sec 32 never got this wild in bidding.



Would be happy to tell you. Would you like to friend me on here and we can do it on the side or give me an email addy?


Jim, not a drilling permit but getting close, all the other judicial orders have been recommended and are awaiting final approval which is usually a rubber stamp type process at this point. Now it just depends on how fast Continental wants to get started. You could see a well spud within the next 30 days if they are ready and have the rig avaliable. If they drag their feet well…?





Adrian, on the menu to the left click gross production. I was able to sign up for website access and get the PUN (production unit number) for my well but didn’t have any luck finding production numbers. I called the gross production dept. and got the current month figures. Once your well has been in production for a while you can order monthly reports to be mailed to you for a small fee.

I called and asked about division orders and found out they had me down as address unknown!! 8 months from completion we got paid for 6 months production, a couple of months later we got our 12% interest after several inquiries.


Brad, as far as I know, I’m not currently leased at the depth they want to drill. This was leased in the past to Anadarko. I will double check though.


Jen, CLR not hearing the squeaky wheel.


Randall, I think one reason that it says “Royalty Owners interest is estimated and may be revised…” is because sometimes the wells may not end up going as far lateral (in the case of multiunits) as they first intend as in the case of one of the Branch wells. They had to pull up and stop short of their original length because of some kind of problem. so now we split 50% and 50% with the other section where it was going to be 65% and 35%. Or sometimes different amounts of ownership are found when they do an extensive search before sending out the DO. I agree that many of us (me included) do not know how to figure those decimal amounts. Some on here have helped me through private email to figure those amount or approximate amounts and I am surely grateful!!! We had around 5 3/4 acres listed on our deed in one section when we purchased it from hubby’s cousin over 40 years ago but when the landman for CR researched it they only found about 3.75 acres. So we hired Darla Ragland who is on the Garvin Co. Group and is a landman to research it for us. She came up with nearly exactly what CR did. It appears that the cousin didn’t have as much to convey as he thought he did. I feel better toward CR since we had it double checked. Hutch and Rick and some others have helped me figure percentages~I’m such a slow learner about such things and I really appreciate the help!


Rigtracker :), your dad shouldn’t lose any mineral interest just because it wasn’t probated – it is still there, not like someone else gets it. I just encountered one of these and talked to our probate lawyer about it yesterday.

Ideally the final order had a catch all phrase saying something like what was in a probate we just went through:

… title to any and all other minerals and mineral rights owned by the decedent on the date of death, but not described in the general inventory and appraisement, the final account, the supplement to final account or this decree, whether or not the personal representative had actual possession thereof, be vested in and said property is distributed as follows: …

but if not, you can still get the interest. Maybe it is too small to bother with the expense.

Linda Gilmore, we used Henry Henry Bonney in Duncan. He has been around and done a lot of probate work. His number is ■■■■.


Kelly - The Berry well was a pretty poor one at 43 barrels per day IP, but the good news is that it was in one of probably about 10 potential target zones in that area. It will probably be a while before additional wells are drilled in that section since EOG now has it held by that one well as long as it produces. Although that may not be very long as poor as it was.


John Morgan, in the PCH scenario, I probably wouldn’t live to see the end of the payments from PCH but I would live long enough to get a loan equal to the amount of the lump sum and at interest rates far below what I would lose in taxes taking the lump sum. There should be a tidy remainder left over for my heirs. If you ever do win the PCH sweepstakes, get some professional tax and investment help.

I shouldn’t encourage you to go off topic, apologies in advance.


Don if they have a sufficient enough mineral position, I would hire an attorney and demand a release to have recorded. There is almost no case to be made that a well that has not produced for over 4 years continues to HPB the minerals if the lease had any of the standard language. If they know of other minerals owners it could be a joint effort with a common attorney. Because the stakes($$$) are so big a small improvement in lease terms can have a huge impact on your friends and families financial situation…I would immediately put the oil company on notice!


Loyd Akins, thanks for your infor but I’ve never gotten an offer that big but know you are in a different section.

M Barnes,

Yes I agree and don’t usually seek offers as I know that the first one to begin negotiations usually is in the defensive but do know there is suppose to be somewhere on the forum that we can list minerals to sell isn’t there.


Sylvester, first sale was Fe. 18th so they better hurry.


Paula: Well, I probably won’t be around for your 84th! Hope I get paid before then! BTW, my bday is on the 11th.


That is what I think. Or they know about future drilling that hasn’t been announced yet.


Darla, in August my mother leased minerals in sections 20 and 30 for $2000 per acre with a 3/16.