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This new format is going to take some getting use to. Not sure if I am up to it or not. :roll_eyes:


@Don_Bray Thanks for your comment here. We’re taking input from everyone and will make a decision within a week regarding the notion of a “comment wall”. There may be some happy medium we can find that will make people comfortable. It’s a balance between order/structure and free form ‘anything goes’. The primary problem is that over time as in years, a very long string of comments by dozens or hundreds of people begins to get pretty mushy with respect to the topic at hand. We’ll be happy to hear reasoning behind why certain formats work better than others.


I think with a little time we will love the new format and forget all about the old one. This looks like it will be easier to find important info/comments about our leases.


Sure appreciate your willing spirit @Debra_Cummings. We’ve held off from blathering on too much about all the powerful features this new platform has for users, but it is in fact substantially more flexible and powerful than the old - and of course it will take time to get used to - but we’re confident that working together, we’ll have something much much better than before.

What I like to tell members is: Just learn one new ‘thing’ a day about the new platform, and you’ll be enjoying it in no time.

In fact, here’s a ‘thing’ to learn for everyone. Notice that your text editor where you write has the option of a split screen OR not. See the “hide preview” link at the bottom right of your screen - simply toggle it to switch from one view to the other.



Finallyyyyyyyy !!! Ughhhhh !!! And I am like you, Don… not sure I like this at all. Especially if others have as much trouble finding it as I have had.
Best of luck all ! I hope this resource does not diminish. It has been a great tool in the past.


Well, this certainly IS different. I think we’ll like some of this and some of this we won’t. It was definitely different getting back to Grady and the comment wall. I like the comment wall. It has always seemed to be a nice catch all for questions/answers and information pertaining to Grady county in general. Being able to follow the general conversations on the wall, getting an email notification when someone comments is nice rather than visiting the site looking for new conversations. On the comment wall someone may ask a question that you might not have thought to ask cause you didn’t know about that subject or that you would need to ask. I have found the comment wall to be very useful at times especially in these times of more intricate drilling verbiage.


@Marilyn_Turner Thanks for your input. Please see these instructions for notifications for specifics on how you can be notified about things you are interested in.

We’re crafting a solution for how to handle the old “wall”. Stay tuned.


Me too


I hate to say it, but this new site is hard to find anything. I am a member of a lot of messageboards including which uses a similar format. However, who put this together either didn’t do it correctly or didn’t understand how the previous board was being used. When you make a change, you better understand the customer. This might be a bigger mistake than “New Coke.”


I may not be the smartest guy using forums but I am also struggling with this format. I will keep trying to learn it because of its value to us owners but not very happy now.


i was not aware the old system was broken or needed updating. To good of tool to not try to figure it out but dang…


I’m noticing that all of my email notifications are in my “junk” folder. I suppose this is due to instead of the email notification being “from” the mineral rights forum, they are coming through as if they are from each individual through the forum rather than from the forum. Hope that made sense. Like, for example, Jake’s wall comment notification came through as:
"jake Each notification has been like that only with each person’s name, not all with Jake’s name. My email program won’t let these through until I mark them “not junk”. This will get old real fast. I wonder if my email program will get used to it at some point and just send them through as each one of us starts commenting on the wall??? Oh boy! I’ll try to keep my eye out for them! :slight_smile:


I’m with you Don Bray. I’ve almost given up on this sight. I can’t find anything here. If you go to Grady county topics you probably only want to see what is happening in Grady County, not somewhere else in the country.


I guess i am to old to learn new things i can’t find my way a round. I for one don;t like it


This is ridiculous. I’ve enjoyed following several counties for many years and the feature most of us relied on has been trashed. As Jake said,the older version was not broken so why was it “fixed”.
If this site can’t be restored quickly I am leaving. Too confusing,complicated,and frustrating.


hey don, i’m with you. if it’s not grady co. forget it. lets go back to the old format or i’m outta here.
thomas bates


Hello All,
Wow, I thought I it was just me. I’ve learned a lot over the past few years but the new site is not at all user friendly. However, I’m sad that many are going to abandon the site. Are there better alternatives? If so, I’d like to know. If not, I’d hate to lose the insights. Let’s hope the site can be improved.


I am so sorry to agree with most of you however…I cant seem to find anything with this new format…after much time & effort I have stumbled onto this Comment Wall…guess we will get used to this…but I also have no email notifications (?)


In short this is just not “user friendly”


Recently received a Commission Order [signed April 18, 2018] granting Echo Operating LLC a 640 acre horizontal drilling and spacing unit in Section 20 5N 6W. Anyone know if they have started or about to start drilling at this location? Also, my current lease expires June 23rd. If the lease has expired and they have not spudded, will my interest be pooled? How does that work?





Howdy rdub,
I originally posted the spreadsheet about 20 days ago. Around May 9 or so.


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