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My question is as of last March 2017 Myself and my siblings agreed to lease our mineral rights to this Company They wanted to check for oil. natural gas etc And we would recieve royalty payments They also did a Siesmohraphic survey. In Ooctobet they obvIously struck oil and other things So for three months they drilled and it wasn’t until January of 2018 that we were contacted and sent a check 4 about $83 and $0.15 then they asked us to sign some forms to have our bank accounts set up to where they could just deposit checks straight into the account so we did that from the first check that we received it has the statement showed everything that they were drilling for and I’m talking they were making big dollars and lots of oil was being big drills we also found out that they would do any angle Drilling off another property that is right across the street from our property sounds it sounds like they were using to sell the property to get to oil on our property and I don’t know if that’s legal what but it looks like we’ve been screwed because 3 months later we received another check for like $26 and something and that’s it that’s all we received and they’ve never contact so we don’t know what to do like should we hire a lawyer to look into it for us we just don’t understand what’s going on with this company and why and why we haven’t benefited at all from this company we don’t understand why they wanted our check information Bank information and all that to put money and nothing was ever put in it I appreciate anybody that has any input into what we should do


DESOTOfamlly, If you share the state and county and the legal location, we can help better.