Derby Exploration LLC is our Operator here in 18N-14W with 16 sections filed for drilling

They are a **Dream Team Crew** of people that were **Cherry-Picked from the BEST of Continental Resources**.

They have a 16 section drill plan filed for with the OCC here at this time. It is Pooling at **2500 @ 1/5** is the best option. They have a lot of HBP to do before leases expire here. They are doing 10000-foot laterals as many as they can from same pad and rig. To expedite as much HBP as they can.

They have completed the drilling of their first well in 16,21 about a month ago and are almost done with the drilling of the second well 9,4. Once this is completed they will then complete both wells at the same time with zipper fracking. These first 2 wells should be producing in 2 or 4 months or less.

Then will move on to the next sections to be drilled. Then once all 12 sections drilled they will most likely circle back to the first and begin the additional infill increase density wells into the many pay formations which they are sure to do here.

Emergency Pooling recommended order was submitted on 5/7 for final approval and issuing. This should take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks due to the OCC being SLAMMED to the MAX! This well **Evans 4-9-1XH** will be finished drilling in a week or two. ![2-thumbnail3A1|690x438](upload://m2j9Jm8rHqZdOpU4B9FXnq1e4yI.png)![2-thumbnail3A1|690x438](upload://m2j9Jm8rHqZdOpU4B9FXnq1e4yI.png)

Aaahhhh. This Koolaide tastes good.

"Dream Team", "Cherry Picked". OCC can't keep up. Aaahhh this is some good stuff.

Thought you would be living on your private island by now.