Cove District


Any idea on value in this area of Doddridge. . HBP I think by old lease. very little income.


There are some new horizontal permits on the edges of Cove district, especially the northeast. Probably in a few years there will be more.


I have lease in cove district parcels 02-05-02,and02-05-03 and 02-05-04 and 0514,lease was up yesterday haven’t heard anything since except that Antero has it wondering if they r doing anything with it,called Antero in Denver haven’t talked to anybody yet my name is terry



I am NOT associated with Antero Resources and have zero insight into their drilling strategies for the short or long term.

I have interests in the same area of Cove District as you, with a lease that expired and was informed that it will not be renewed at this time. I am holding onto my interests and hope there will be new drilling in the area in the future.


Thank you,Denver suppose to call me,cnx guy said they wanted to drill guess I will find out