Canadian County S:7 T:12N R: 7W

We have received several offers for our mineral rights, however we haven’t gotten any contact from the operators i.e… Camino Natural Resources. We did get a letter from a law office in OKC stating that a Relief Requested for a continuance was filed with the OCC and was continued to the 1st day of Sept 2020. My question is. Shouldn’t we have already received payment or pooling information? KSW

You are getting offers because there is an increased density case pending. Camino pooled back in October of 2019. Case 201903134. West half of 7. Jones Pooled in August 2019 East half of 7. Did you get the mailings for your correct part if you were not leased? If you were not leased in 2019, they may have incorrect address for you or you did not respond in 20 days and they are holding funds for you. Do you know how to use the OCC website?

Camino had an increased density order approved in Oct 2019. Asked for an additional horizontal well in addition to the first one that was requested back in 2019. Multiple Phoenix wells were drilled from Section 6 into east half of section 7 in mid 2019. Jones Energy has those and they are spaced at 320 acres. So if you are not in the east half, you do not get royalties on them. If you are, then contact Jones Energy.

Camino had its own wells planned for the west half of 7. Those are the hearings that are delayed due to COVID 19 and oil prices.

Personally, if I had successful wells on the east side of the section and pending wells on the west side with no change in geology or a fault, I wouldn’t sell.