Anyone crossed paths with Milestone Oil/Gas OKC?

My brother received a call from this company. We get letters all the time, and a few calls which we generally ignore. The is regarding Sec 6 3N 4W, the NW corner of the county. This company was offering considerably more that others have, though. Looks like a young company:

We are always skeptical by nature on these things, and know that the area is seeing lots of attention. A big horizontal well was drilled last year nearby, I think. At any rate, good to gather intel… Thanks for any input.

I just got a call from them for Canadian County. I don’t sell my minerals, so generally ignore them. Any time someone wants my minerals, I can figure something is up. Considering the number of wells that were just approved in Section 1 & 12 3N-5W, immediately to the west of him, that is why the offers are coming.

To me it is a good sign when the principals of the company put their names and experience on their web page. Milestone does that.

I got a call also offering a significant amout of money. I am seriously considering the offer. I wish I knew what is prompting it…

Emilie, the obvious reason is they are anticipating future development resulting in a nice profit on their investment but the question is how long term are they looking. I’ve been getting offers for years but the most recent offer was 40% higher than the one before, makes me think some more drilling might be coming in the near future.

(for Emilie) My brother is in a deal with them right now. Will let you know how all turns out. He’s willing to be the guinea pig, as I’m still undecided.

Emilie, If you are still watching this, my brother concluded his deal with Milestone on Friday. Everything went off exactly as promised. They told him it would take about 20 days, and that’s exactly what it took. (business days) He is happy, and no funny business. So, I’m still considering what I’d like to do. I’ve always been a hold, wait, hope type. With all the interest, I too think something is up. Milestone has been the only company to make what we thought was a compelling offer.

Thank you so much. I decided to sign. We are going through a probate filing now so I anticipate check in hand around end of June or first of July. Turns out while I probated my mothers will, whom I inherited from in 2011, in OK, my mother did not do that when she inherited in 1974. I guess it wasn’t required for her to lease.


Milestone just sold some acreage in this section for $12,000/acre. I hope that is what they are paying you.

Todd M. Baker

Avoid Perennial Energy Partners, LLC out of Dallas, TX and Bannockburn Energy, LLC. Turner Rooney in 24-4N-4W they bought package for $120,000.00 and flipped for over $480,000.00. They are looking for mineral owners from out of state who don’t know what’s occurring in Garvin, Co.