any leasing in 3n-8w?


I am not aware of any. I do own minerals in 3-8, would love to know if you hear anything going on.
Thank you


Any new information on leasing in either 3-7 or 3-8. Own minerals in both. Thanks John Morgan


John, what sections?
44 leases in the last 999 days in 3N-7W.
12 leases in the last 999 days in 3N-8W.


Havent seen too many leases, a few but not a ton. Some purchasing also.


M. sorry for delayed reply. Just learned how to do this on this phone.



Thanks John

Who would be the best to contact about Johnson County ,Texas ? There’s 7 wells in one location which need to be checked up on. Details provided if needed. Thanks John


no leases, no activity. Most of the action is in 1, 12, 12 and 35

no leases, no activity. Most leasing is in 17. Pooling in 9 and 17.

Post your Johnson County questions in that county and you may get some help there.


M. How do I find Johnson, County in Texas ? Thanks John


Go to the HOME button, then NEW TOPIC. It will open a box and you will choose the Category (type in Johnson and it will give you anything with the word Johnson in it. Pick the Texas one.) Select a title for your question and then post your question in the box. It is very helpful if you post your abstract and legal location. Clint Liles is a very good reference person for Texas questions on wells.


Thanks M.

Sometime back I had asked how to change addresses. I had one in New York 1981 and in another part of Oklahoma around the same date. Darla tried to tell me what and how to do it -but it was Confusing.

This past Monday my wife drove me out to Chickasha to the Court House.

It form was quite simple to fill out. I was Most Pleased and Equally surprised. Paid $13.00 and it was a Done deal !!

It was a long day but the 6:hours was time well spent. Stopped and got a bite to eat and got in some site seeing too.

Thanks Darla for past Efforts trying to help.

John Morgan


Your welcome John. I try to help when I have a little time. Sorry it was so confusing.


That’s Ok. Not to worry. All I had to do was list My Legal Name;and previous addresses. And Section, Township ,and Range.

They said “The Land man would review and take it from there”. New Address. Show ID, SIGN And PAY cash money.


Oh and they have a special form to fill out.