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Mineral Rights Forum is a user/owner-moderated site that is privately owned and monitored. Use of the word 'we' or 'our' in the following narrative means this site's owner(s) and those who function at the direction of the site's ownership.

We work to keep this site a valuable place for mineral owners and ask that you help maintain the quality of the content and discussion. Please notify us at admin@mineralrightsforum.com to report any suspected abuse, spam or other violation of our user policy.

We encourage and allow for civil discourse. If you easily take offense when someone disagrees with you, or you feel slighted by them, we highly suggest that you not participate. We maintain and hold complete judgment for what is allowed to be displayed on this site. Anything you post to this site is subject to our editing or removal or deletion without notice or explanation to you. If you have pause as to whether or not you should say/write it, you should NOT. Even if you do not have pause, and it is the opinion of the site owner that any content or comments do not belong here, it is subject to removal at our total and unilateral discretion.  


Use of this forum is subject to the Terms of Service at this link: http://www.mineralrightsforum.com/main/authorization/termsOfService?previousUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mineralrightsforum.com%2Fpage%2Fuser-policy. Should this link not work for any reason, see the lower right of your screen for the Terms of Service.

In addition, when posting to the Mineral Rights Forum, you agree to the following:

1) Respect between users is required. You will be suspended or banned permanently without notice if you do not follow this principle. Members agree to refrain from derogatory comments, inferences of or direct statements of someone "lying", any form of cursing, abuse, or profanity. There is zero tolerance for adult material or any sexually oriented comments. Violations will be grounds for immediate permanent suspension from the site.

2) Commercial solicitation and any form of spam is prohibited.  Any advertisement, indirect reference to you or your company’s services, or offer of any product or service will be a violation of this policy. This includes adding company names to forum signatures. Forum signatures are limited to your member name only. Offering to BUY or SELL mineral interests within the forums, groups and wall postings is not allowed and is a direct violation of the User Policy.
Any breach of this rule will subject the member to suspension without notice or further explanation. If you have minerals to buy or sell, this is provided for at the Mineral Rights Forum MarketPlace only.  This platform is meant for public discourse - it should be the rare case that members use the Private Messaging capability here.  If you are observed routinely asking to be Private Messaged, your account is subject to deletion without notice.  The primary purpose of this web property is for PUBLIC discourse.

3) Posts that include e-mail addresses, personal or business websites, or phone numbers are assumed as spam by our system.  Allowable links include only established news agencies, government sites, and licensed non-profits. You may use the private messaging system for communication of personal contact information. Do not post such in the public areas.

4) Only personal profiles are allowed.  Any business name submitted will not be approved.  This includes any image or logo a member uses to refer to its business as a profile photo.  Company logos and branding are prohibited.  

5) All posts are considered as the sole opinion of the author and do not represent the views of MRF management. Members are solely responsible for information posted.  Mineral Rights Forum does not explicitly or implicitly warrant or guarantee the accuracy of any information posted on the site. We encourage you to review a persons' profile and other posts to judge their expertise.

6) Use of any copyrighted material within posts or blogs is strictly prohibited. If you want to refer to an offsite news item (from a permitted source - we reserve the right to deem what is permitted and what is not), do your best to summarize the key points and provide a link to the source.  We highly discourage copying and pasting material that exists elsewhere.

7) This is not the place for legal accusations. If you have a legitimate complaint, file it in a court of law. This forum is not responsible for any libelous comments made by its members and reserves the right to edit discussions that cross legal lines.

8) Mediation, Arbitration, Waiver of Right to Sue. Should you elect to become a registered member of this site, you waive your right to bring any legal action against the Mineral Rights Forum, its owner(s), agents, management, employees or the business entity under which this site is operating, or any action arising out of participation in the forum in any court. Instead, you agree that you will submit any claim which you and/or your heirs may have as a direct or indirect result of your participation in the forum, to mediation by a neutral third party, preferably a mediator who practices regularly under the auspices of the courts of the State Texas. If after six (6) sessions, mediation is unsuccessful, then you have the right, if you choose, to request final and binding arbitration of your claims. Any such arbitration will be held in Texas, and Texas substantive law will apply. You agree that any resulting arbitration award is final and binding upon you and your heirs. By using this website you are knowingly waiving your right to litigate any such claim in any state or federal court. 


Privacy Policy

Before you participate on Mineral Rights Forum, be sure to read the Privacy Policy. By default, your profile information can be viewed by anyone on Mineral Rights Forum, and more over, is subject to crawling by internet search engines for indexing purposes which makes anything you post to this site available to the public at large.  If you'd like to adjust your privacy settings, go here.  Understand that everything posted to this site is subject to editing and or removal by site administrators.

All profiles are required to have a personal name or alias and must not be commercial in nature.  If you choose to remain anonymous, we suggest using something other than your real name.   Your name and profile settings can be changed here.


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