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Pro Opportunities

People contact us everyday asking for professional referrals and we would love to recommend you! Exposure in the community is a proven way to market your business with some professionals reporting they obtain almost 100% of their business from MineralRightsForum members.

1) Advertise by joining the MarketPlace, sponsor the MRF Newsletter or purchase a banner ad on the site. 

2) Enroll as a Featured Professional: Let your activity in the community serve as a marketing tool. For a yearly fee, we give you a special badge that marks you as a Featured Professional and makes you instantly more visible to everyone in the community. The more you post, the more you are seen and noticed! Read more here

3) Content Contributor: We rely on our resident experts to provide quality content to our members. When you commit to being a regular contributor, we give you a unique badge that is instantly visible to everyone in the community and set up apart as a person of influence. Contact us here

We have a zero tolerance policy for any solicitation on the forums outside of the above mechanisms. If you are not a featured provider you will be banned if caught offering your contact info or professional advice. 

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