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Guide to Community Features

This guide is designed to help you make the most out of your MineralRightsForum experience. Here you will find information that will help you utilize all that we have to offer.

User Profile
This page is where you tell others about yourself. The profile page is important because it helps us maintain our high standards of quality and enables us to separate valuable members from spammers. Adding simple information such as a profile picture helps contribute to the welcoming, relaxed community atmosphere and encourages more participation and discussion between users. We encourage you to add your photo. To adjust this settings, go here

NOTE: MineralRightsForum.com allows search engines such as Google to index its contents. Any information submitted to your User Profile is subject to public view. To change this, go to My Profile/My Privacy Settings and edit.  

Discussion Forums

The Forums are the place where members go to conduct discussions on questions or topics relating to Mineral Rights. To subscribe by email to receive the latest forum activity, click hereHere are some general suggestions to maximize positive feedback from your posts:

* * Place all posts in the appropriate category. Review post categories prior to posting. Questions that are location specific should contain the county and state name in the title in order to attract a meaningful answer.

* * Proofread your post to make sure it is clearly understandable. Also, so do not type messages in all capital letters, which is considered shouting in the internet community.

* * Avoid double posting. While not against the rules, this is frowned upon. A double post is where you make more than one post without another user commenting in between. It is acceptable to respond to more than one person in a single post. The customary means of doing this is to create a new paragraph, and then begin it by addressing the member according to their username (Example: “John,….”) .  After you make your initial post, you have fifteen minutes to review the discussion and edit your post.

* * As creator, clearly state your intentions for the discussion in your initial post. It is a good idea to make the title self explanatory. If MineralRightsForum staff believes a title can be improved, we reserve the right to edit.  

* * Any post dedicated to the advertisement or promotion of other companies or products will be subject to deletion. If you have a positive experience with some product or company and you would like to share that, avoid making your post sound like an advertisement of some product, which might provoke disciplinary responses from forum moderators. Use of any copyrighted material within posts or blogs is strictly prohibited. Violators of this rule will be subject to prosecution and subject material will be removed from the site.

* Any member who makes offensive posts will be subject to disciplinary action. Racial slurs, profanity, explicit content, spam or any form of “flaming” which is designed to provoke other members is unacceptable. If you have an issue concerning our services, policies, or staff, please use a personal contact method such as a private message or email to a staff member. All moderators, administrators, and support staff are highlighted in the active members list. We take serious complaints to heart and will do our best to address them.

* * Any post that does meet the MineralRightsForum’s standards of quality will be subject to revision or deletion.  Examples: get rich quick schemes, "sure thing" drilling deals, etc.

Commercial solicitation is specifically banned in the forums. If found, this type of content and its authors will be banned form the site without further explanation. If you are a professional, we offer numerous opportunities for you to advertise your services.


Discussion Topic – The forum is divided into categories to make it easier to get your questions answered. MineralRightsForum.com has 16 boards:

  • Accounting and Taxes
  • Division Order Questions
  • General Discussion
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Investing
  • Landman Discussion Group
  • Law & Legal Questions
  • Leasing Help Group
  • Natural Gas Shale Plays
  • Oil & Gas Field Operations
  • Oil and Gas Leasing Help Group
  • Ownership and Title Questions
  • Politics
  • Regulation
  • Royalty Statement Questions
  • Surface Owner Issues

Blog Section

The word “blog” is a shortened form of the phrase “web log”. The Blog area of the site is where members may provide quality insight into Mineral Rights-related topics that will assist other site members. If you have a unique experience, which you believe will aid and inform our members, or if you have expertise in a Mineral Rights-related field, this is where you share complete thoughts on those topics. Blogs will by definition be subject to a higher level of scrutiny from our moderators.

Any blog submission is subject to administrative review. MineralRightsForum staff may, from time to time, ask you to revise and resubmit your blog. Generally this means we value your submission but think it needs revision for grammar errors. If you do not respond to our request for revision, MineralRightsForum staff reserves the right to resubmit your blog, with revisions, with proper credit to you.


Video Collection

Here you can view videos that others have added and add your own. MineralRightsForum.com allows you to paste YouTube videos as well as your videos from your own computer into our Video Collection. All the videos can be linked to or embedded into your personal blogs or other sites. You can also view the latest videos posted by other members (and yourself) on the home page.


Educational Articles

This section of the site is where you will find informational articles on a variety of Mineral Rights-related topics at another quality website, MineralWeb.com. You will find information on leasing, interpreting division orders, understanding royalty statements, royalty tax, and more under this section.


F.A.Q. stands for Frequently Asked Questions. This section of the site was created to provide answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about Mineral Rights Forum. The FAQ has information both for the new forum users and the advanced. 

Member Section

The member section is where you discover more about other MineralRightsForum users. Highlighting the “Members” section of the navigation bar at the top of your screen will give you nifty options to filter members according to their status, location, or occupation.


Private Messages

If you wish to contact a member privately, you can do so by utilizing the Private Message (PM function). This is the best way to convey information such as telephone number and address to another member securely. You can send a PM multiple ways. If you are viewing a discussion, you can send a message by clicking on the “Send Message” option just below the poster’s username. Another method of sending a private message is from the user’s profile page. Select “Send Message” from the left side of the screen just below the member’s profile picture.

To view any messages in your inbox, simply click the “Inbox” link on the right side of the screen just below the MineralRightsForum banner. If you have any new messages or alerts, any page you visit on MineralRightsForum which has the “Inbox” icon will say something similar to “Inbox (1 New)” or Alerts “(1 New)”.



Groups are yet another tool provided by MineralRightsForum. Groups allow you to network with landowners specific to your area. We utilize both County Groups and Shale Groups.  This helps filter unwanted responses and makes it more likely that your post will receive the type of response you are looking for. If you can’t find a group that fits you, locate a handful of other interested members and create one.


About Us

MineralRightsForum was created by mineral rights owners, for mineral rights owners. This site is designed to promote knowledge building by providing a place for owners to network and share their mineral rights knowledge.

Read more about us here.

Common Forum Terms

Administrator (Admin) – This is a person who manages the technical aspects of a forum. Admins can make forum-wide announcements, change the appearance of the forums, and manage the rules of the forums. 

Bump – When someone comments on a forum discussion for the sole purpose of bringing the thread back to the top of the front page, in order to get more responses.

Emoticon – A method of improving interpretation of plain text. Emoticons (Emotion + Icon) are a way of conveying facial expressions. Emoticons may appear in forum posts.

Moderator (Mod) – This person manages the day-to-day affairs of the forum. Moderators may delete, re-title, or add keywords forum discussions, ban or suspend members, approve or deny blog submissions, and respond to users’ concerns, complaints, and questions about the forum. 

Post – A general term for user-submitted blog or forum messages. Posts on the forum are contained in threads (discussions), where they appear in boxes, one after another. Posts that follow the thread are meant to continue the discussion about that post, or respond to other replies.

Spam – When a user submits posts that are advertisements, unwanted, abusive, or duplicates. Spam can come from users or automatically in the form of spambots. MineralRightsForum protects you from spambots by employing a CAPTCHA during the registration process.

Thread – A collection of posts, displayed from oldest to latest. “Thread” and “discussion” are used interchangeably.


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