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Mineral Rights Forum is established by mineral owners, for mineral owners. MineralRightsForum aims to minimize misinformation about mineral rights and the oil and gas industry in general by providing a network for mineral owners, landmen, and oil and gas professionals to discuss and share information about oil and gas production and mineral rights related topics.

Mineral Rights Forum seeks to bring balanced, accurate, and insightful conversation regarding the oil and gas industry and America's mineral owners.  The management of this site believe that the free market capitalism that we enjoy in America, combined with the rule of law and a democratic form of government all combine to make for the healthy and safe production of energy for America.

We (industry and citizen mineral owners) are in fact partners in bringing America's hydrocarbon resources to market.  As such, we are in this together, and the more mutually beneficial cooperation, the more likely we’ll sign leases with informed understanding, and sustain a basic American industry - energy production.

No specific post, blog or other statements made on this site necessarily represent the views of site management.  You should apply common sense and healthy discretion to any and everything you read here.  There are professionals as well as wholly unqualified parties offering opinions here.


Thanks for visiting, and we encourage you to become a new member. If you're already a member, make sure to read our User Policy for rules of the site, and the Member Guide and FAQs for how to best utilize this site.


For any who would use this sight for disreputable purposes, know that this sight is monitored continually and any and all content is subject to removal for any reason whatsoever.

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