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I am wanting to know if anyone has heard what the going rate Per NMA  lease signing bonus is in the west Ward area? It is undeveloped and is a water track. Thank you and Blessings to all of Texas, we are praying.

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Where, sec, block, area #, etc as prices vary on location. Landman, (women) will start low, $2500 pnma and you will need to negotiate hard & long to get the price up. $10,000 pnma is the number offered but can go higher if they want your MR.
Use an attorney for all contracts. Be careful who you get in business with!
Some of the major oil companies are leasing in the Ward County West & East of the Pacos River.

Go back a few months & read some of the articles on this as there is lots of info.

I live in CA and am not sure if it is in West Ward...so with that:

Water Tract 12, Section 203, Block 34, H&TC Ry. Co. Survey, Ward County, Texas. 

I have had Fortuna, COG (who we are already doing buisness with in Reeves), Peak Land and a few others inquiring.

Thank you for your time on this. Kind of a newbie.

Hi Mike East,

Thank you for your cautions. Referring to Clint Liles Map that he posted of the location details, do you have anymore input to give me?

Also, just have to state I appreciate and glean from the articles on Mineral Wise. 

Blessings, Dana

Dana, Welcome to Mineral Rights Forum....I agree with Mike that exact location can make a difference on bonus amount.   Supply the Section, Abstract and/or Block number if possible.

Clint Liles

Thank you for the welcoming words.

Dana Reel:Ward County Section 203/Block 34/Abstract 283/H & TC Survey:

Some good wells in this area,  Need more activity in this area.  

Link to well 475-36745 Production Data/Operator:Oxy/Manipulate begin date back to July 2012 to view all production on this well:


GIS Map of Ward County Section 203/Block 34/A-283 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

Thank you Clint Liles, It seems you are the go to guy for on the ground Texas info. 

Many Blessing,



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