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I have a Ward County, Texas map on my wall, if you send me your block/section/survey, I'll take a picture and upload it here or send it to you at an e-mail address if you prefer.

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Here you go, Shaw. Your Section is marked with the hot pink marker. I'm certainly no expert on bonuses in that area, or even familiar with bonus amounts in that area, but I would guess at least $2,250-$3,500. Maybe someone with more knowledge than I will respond. Linton


Section 228, Block 34
H&TC RR CO. Survey

Thank you!

Mr Tomlin,

Block 34 Section 172  H&TC RR survey.  Thank you sir, I certainly appreciate it.


You're welcome Robert.  Let me know if you have any problems or need something closer.  Linton

Forgot to tell you, Section 172 is where hot pink marker is.  Linton

Thanks Linton, I'm new to this, how do I see attachments

Robert, I don't see where your pictures posted.  Weird.  I'll try again.  I already erased your pictures, though, so I'll go take more!!  Sorry

Robert, until I can get to my map, here is an older photo I have on my phone.  Block 34, Section 172 is on the far left.  Hope this one posts.  Linton


Got it Sir, thank you so much!

Robert, here is another picture that will be better.  I reduced the resolution on my camera to keep the size under 7MB, which I didn't know was the forum size limit and thus the reason my pictures were not all posting.  Your Section 172 is the hot pink marker on the far left.  Linton



It looks like the hot pink is section 7 Block 33 which is where our minerals are.

Thank you for that.


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