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Ward County, TX - Oil & Gas Discussion

Oil & gas discussion group for those interested in Ward County, TX. Share your experience regarding lease bonus, royalty rates, drilling activity, and oil & gas news.

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Offer to Lease Blk 34 Section 75, Fair for my Location ?

Started by Tony Larman. Last reply by Tony Larman May 19. 12 Replies

Today I've been contacted about leasing our 78.75 NMA in Blk 34 Section 75 and was just wondering if anyone can tell me if what's being offered is fair. We've been offered 750 Nma with 20% royalty.…Continue

Lease offer - block 33, section 29, lot 127

Started by Joe Piontowski. Last reply by Mike May 19. 13 Replies

I, along with a few other family members, have recently been contacted by a firm looking to arrange a lease of this land, roughly 5 acres, to another energy company. We are all heirs to an estate…Continue

Block 34 Section 173

Started by Jenelle Mitchell. Last reply by TennisDaze Apr 30. 1 Reply

Or family owns mineral rights on this property.  It is currently being leased by Concho.  Does anyone know if Concho has plans to drill on this property. Thanks.Continue

Keywords: 173, Section, Concho

Lease at Drainage 34-136, Ward County, Texas

Started by Bob Dennis. Last reply by Rock Man Apr 26. 5 Replies

This question concerns 4 wells currently producing on my property in Ward County, Texas. The current lease has expired.  The property description is Drainage 34-136 (1 to 4H) known as: The NE/2 and…Continue

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Comment by Mike East on Wednesday


Thank you for digging up the information on the wells, much appreciated .


Comment by Mike East on Wednesday


Thank you so much for the material, it is what I needed for education.

Thank you,


Comment by Mike East on Wednesday


NO, there are 3 family owners

Comment by Mike on Tuesday


Do you own the full interest in Section 1? 

Comment by TennisDaze on Tuesday

     There are various overlapping field rules in Ward County which causes a lot of confusion.  Names are not totally descriptive.  NOTE:  There is no "s" on Bone Spring.

1)  Sandbar (Bone Spring) is all of Bone Spring formation - often called 1st, 2nd & 3rd. See RRC Docket 08-0295961, Examiner's report for depths.  Bone Spring is stratigraphic equivalent of correlative interval of 8,007 to 11,067 feet as seen on log of Andarko - Sandbar 54-2-39 Lease, API 42-301-31431.  Note: Exact depth is generally shallower to the south of Ward County as underground geology is not consistent.

2)  Two Georges (Bone Spring) field is all of Bone Spring formation plus Wolfcamp A (upper Wolfcamp).  Correlative interval is 8,979-11,600 feet as seen on log of University 19-18 Well #1, API 42-301-31204.  RRC Docket 08-0251527. 

3)  Phantom (Wolfcamp) field is 3rd Bone Spring plus all of Wolfcamp formation.  Correlative interval is 9,515 - 12,447 feet as seen on log of Petrohawk-Oxy Fee 24 Lease well #1, API 42-389-32637.  RRC Docket 08-0291540, Examiner's Report.

     Mike, in your lease, describe as "depths below 100 feet below the base of the Bone Spring formation"  to conform to the Cimarex release.

Comment by Mike East on Tuesday

Rock Man.

Located Section 1, Block 1, W & NWRR CO. Survey

Ward County, Texas

Thank you


Comment by Mike East on Tuesday


Thank you for taking the time to look up the release by Cimarex, I never knew the base depth of the Bone Springs formation base at 10500.

I now understand, curious about the depth of the Wolfcamp formations from 10500 and other formations below.  I have looked but not found the info.

Thank you for the assistance.


Comment by TennisDaze on Monday

There is a partial release from Cimarex to Michael East, et al, recorded in April 2015 which states that Cimarex reserves from surface down to 100 feet below base of Bone Spring Formation.  Volume 1037, Page 520.  Base of Bone Spring would be around 10,500 feet.  You are or were being paid royalties by Cimarex for a Bone Spring horizontal well.  The 5,100 feet you cite would be a formation in Delaware Mountain group which does not have any horizontal wells.

Comment by Rock Man on Monday

To Mike East

I would go to the Tx RRC GIS mapping site and see what wells are around your area. Then you can dig into the nearby wells to see where they are producing.

Where is your block / tract? I can check DrillingInfo (a subscription service) to get a quick look on what is around your area as to wells if you want

Comment by Mike East on Monday

I have been contacted by a landman(woman) for an INTEREST GROUP to lease our MR.  They want to start their lease at 10,500 feet depth, wolfcamp.  We have a working lease to 5100, a producing well with MR released below 5100 depth, Cimarex Energy.  The orginal lease gave Cimarex rights to all depths but they released everything below 5100, 2 years ago in writing.

The interest group shows the level of 5100 feet to 10500 being held by production!!  WE have no lease with any companies for the MR between 5100 feet and 10500 feet.

How do I find out who might be holding production on the level between 5100 and 10500, a 5000 foot spacing with no lease?  Also I want to look at the production and profitability reports by the oil company.

Hope this is clear as I just received the information a half hour ago.

Thanks in advance.



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