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Stephens County, OK - Oil & Gas Discussion

Oil & gas discussion group for those interested in Stephens County, OK. Share your experience regarding lease bonus, royalty rates, drilling activity, and oil & gas news.

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Section 33 1N 5W

Started by B. Pruett. Last reply by B. Pruett 11 hours ago. 8 Replies

I heard they struck oil and gas in Section 33... Is there any way I can find out for sure?thanks,beckyContinue

33 1N 5W - well production

Started by B. Pruett. Last reply by B. Pruett on Monday. 2 Replies

Can anyone tell me where I can go to see how much gas and oil this well is producing?Thank you,Becky PruettContinue

Sec 26 2S 4W and Sec 35 2S 4W Stephens County

Started by Bill. Last reply by TERRY ARMER ELLS Jul 19. 2 Replies

Anyone receiving any offers on either of these Sections.  Received a offer form Bearcat but will shop around.Continue

Section 32Township 2 South Range 4 West--Stephens County--Lease Renewal Time

Started by MICHAEL A. Last reply by M Barnes Jul 14. 21 Replies

In 2012 Bearcat gave us a royalty of 3/16 Bonus of 1,000 per net acre 3 year term.no renewal option (for them).Bearcat (and others) now reaching out to us (various family member with separate…Continue

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Comment by Michael Joslyn 10 hours ago
Thanks Richard.
Comment by Richard Wilson 10 hours ago

Michael Joslyn, The Hatchett 1H-33XR is now the Hatchett 1H-4. Sec. 33 was not drilled per letter I received from Newfield lawyers. The 1H-4 had first production in June 2015.

Comment by John Scheve 17 hours ago

Does anyone know the status of Davenport Ranch 1-31H  that Marathon is drilling in Section 31 T1N R6W? They started drilling in February and it seems like it should be close to completion.

Comment by Michael Joslyn 20 hours ago

I was looking for information on the Hatchett 1H-33XR.  There is no completion report yet.  There is a Hatchett 1H-4R on the Gross Production website showing as active but no production listed yet.  The OCC website does not have a listing for the 1H-4R.  I know they had a problem with the first Hatchett well and had to redo the well.  I am wondering if they had problems drilling into Garvin County section 33 and just went to section 4.  Has anyone heard anything on this?

Comment by K Dawn Bauer on Monday
M Barnes,

Thank you. I will keep plugging away at this. I think we have similar ownership I recognize the name Barnes as being one of surface owners in Sec 14 1S 5W.
Comment by K Dawn Bauer on Monday

Here is another link to some other information about Chesapeake; it is from late last year.


Comment by Huey Paxton on Monday
Suzanne - My understanding is that Peggy DO's are supposed to be out next month.
Comment by Suzanne Clark on Monday

Hello, new to the forum.  Still waiting for Marathon to send division orders for the Peggy 1-33H well in sec33-1N-5W.  Anyone in same boat as me?

Comment by K Dawn Bauer on Monday


The Chesapeake Lawsuits have come up a couple of times now and no one responds to the questions. There must be operators that have done the same thing and it hasn't caught up with them yet. Here is what I have found and I put links to the articles down below. It looks like in January 2015 Chesapeake was ordered to pay from 119 Million up to 1.2 Billion in settlements for unethical practices of doing wrong math to benefit their organization during the gas price crunch back in 2012. Apparently they couldn't stay afloat in the custom they were use to with out ripping off the royalty owners. That was in the Oklahoma newspapers. Here is the problem. No one has mentioned exactly where the royalties/properties are located in Oklahoma. It seems to be very controversial because of the former developer of Chesapeake is a very high profile individual in Oklahoma owning a sports team and such. No one wants to be accountable. I included some links below of some of the information I have found. One of the links is to Royalty Ripoff. I guess they are handling the royalty owners going after Chesapeake. I myself would like to skip the attorney and them keeping 2/3 of the money and proceed with my own documentation to Chesapeake. The oil companies pay out billions but most of goes to the attorneys and it show in the amount of money that actually gets paid to the royalty owner. I'm just merely stating the facts. Nothing against attorneys; that is just how they operate. I think that it is time for the royalty owners to quit getting manipulated because we think all organizations are socially responsible and looking out for the better of group and not just for themselves. Hopefully that trend will change in the near future forced by the hand of the law and the IRS.

If you find out anything please share.





Comment by M Barnes on Monday

K Dawn, you may have to work with an attorney or landman on that question.  You will probably have to go back to the unitization documents and see how deep they cover and whether they have depth restrictions on them.  Can find them on the OCC Imaged Documents area if you are lucky. Some units are specific to a certain set of horizons. Then you would be paid on the unit by one company and if you lease again deeper, paid by someone else or they might cut a deal with the original operators.  Some units cover all zones, so any subsequent drilling success would be paid by the operator of the original unit. (I hate those because I am usually stuck at 1/8th royalty from the 1920's and it is unfortunate.)  Units can constrict and get smaller over time, so you need to check on that as well.  You might get a brief answer by calling the OCC and asking them first before you hire someone to check it out for you. 

Or someone else on the forum may have a better answer. 


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