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Stephens County, OK - Oil & Gas Discussion

Oil & gas discussion group for those interested in Stephens County, OK. Share your experience regarding lease bonus, royalty rates, drilling activity, and oil & gas news.

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Drilling in Stephens County, OK

Started by Eileen. Last reply by M Barnes on Thursday. 8 Replies

Are they drilling on S1T1SR5W  or S11R1SR5W   or S12T1SR5W or S14T1SR5W /?I have signed a lease for S1& 11 & 12, just wondered if they drilled yet?Thanks.Eileen HoustonContinue

NMA Spreadsheet

Started by Deborah Lynne Gerst. Last reply by M Barnes on Tuesday. 1 Reply

Did someone on this site post a spreadsheet with examples of number of minerals, spacing, oil and gas per day, payables?  This was a great help and I seem to have lost mine.  Will you  repost? …Continue

Section 30 Stephens County

Started by George Chapman. Last reply by Bob Titley Jul 20. 1 Reply

Hi EveryoneMy mother has been advised that she inherited a minerals interest in Section 30, Township 2S, Range 4W, Stephens Co. OKContinental Resources, Inc. has approached her with an offer of $802…Continue

Royalty Interest

Started by Eleanor Lake. Last reply by M Barnes Jul 13. 4 Replies

Have royalty interest in sec 2 and 3 1n-4w stephens county. Lease is up n August. Have been contacted about extending lease. Need to renegotiable and I wondered if anybody had a ballpark figure on…Continue

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Comment by Ed Sharp 10 hours ago

Jerry, Oceana has casing in, milled the first hole, got to close to the casing and had to pull out and cement again.  Milled another hole and are currently drilling, down to about 13,500.  Goins rig still up and pipe is in the rack.  New rig up on Sec 29. Cruce still drilling, Peggy still drilling.  Hays rig is down.  H K Doom rig is up.

Comment by M Barnes 12 hours ago

LB 29 doesn't have a fault and 30 has a whopping big one!  The reason I know is that my grandfather mapped this huge anticline back in the early 20th century and I have his maps.  

Here is a public one for you


I just looked again and the Hundley well drilled in 20 north of you. Completion report has 8733 mcf of gas with 5 bbls oil.  So huge gas well.    First checks should go out in October.  

Continental just filed for pooling last week on 29, so if you aren't leased, get ready to respond. 

Use the worksheet I have posted a few times to work up the numbers for your options.  


Let me know if you need help.   

Comment by LB Field 12 hours ago

Thanks, M - I am taking your information in with a deep breath. But Cheezus Twice, what is it about these few acres that sets them apart from the larger tract I have in Sec. 30, same T & R? Sorry - no fair on my part for asking what are probably unanswerable questions.

I came across a really good map of the layers of the Woodford which - if I could find it again - would really help me with a bigger picture. Any suggestions? I've been primarily on Grady County because my Great-grandfather; his son, my Really Great Grandfather, and my Dad ran cattle and farmed acreage there that has yet to be drilled, but looks to be highly productive. Patience is not my strong point. I shall wait and see. Thanks, again.

Comment by M Barnes 13 hours ago

LB-I would wait to sell.  That rainbow right there might be really good.  Action is moving that way and that is why you are getting the offer.  I think it is low for the potential drilling that is about to happen.  Continental just filed for a location exception for a Woodford well, so hang in there for a few months before you decide.  You can have the pleasure of being a philanthropist in a about a year when the well comes in! This is some of the thickest Woodford in the area,  getting up around 800-900'.  That is a whole lot of potential.  

Comment by LB Field 13 hours ago

Apologies if I am hi-jacking a conversation. I'm mostly on the Grady County forum. I received a purchase offer for $10,500/acre in Stephens Co., Sec. 29 1N 5W. I also have minimal interest in Sec. 30, same R & T. I have no clue what the overall picture is, there. I'm not so old, but not so young, either. Seems as if income from sales could make a lot of money faster than waiting/wading through the process. And what's the deal with Sec. 29, R1N5W? Have they found the end of the rainbow there, or something? I am inclined to sell and do a whatever the # exchange is, purchasing other acreage in other areas, to alleviate capital gains. I have a little over 6 acres in 29; 13 + in 30. I guess the equation is how long will I live vs. how long it will take to get income from production. I am single, no kids.  . . . would love to live out my life as a philanthropist!! llolol

Comment by Linda Rigtracker yesterday

lol Yeah John...I like that one better.  Know news IS best.  Think I'll use that from now on if you don't mind! :)

Hope I can find out when they are FRACTURING those Poteets too, Hutch.  Will report if I can.  Back surgery will be sometime soon.  The Neurosurgeon did give me much better news than the doc that sent me to him.  Not nearly so extensive and home the next day!  That would be wonderful if it all works out.  Another answer to prayer!  I've been having a lot of those lately (prayers and answers!)  :)

Comment by Jerry Hire yesterday
Ed - Do you have any updated information on the current status of the Oceana in 17 1N 5W or the Goins in 9 1N 5W ?
Comment by John E Mosier yesterday

@Linda - I thought you meant know news is better than no news.

Comment by Michael Hutchison yesterday

That's right Mitchell, a lot has happened since your first trip by there!

Linda, I'm looking forward to the day you tell me they have started "Fracturing" ( in memory of Don U.)

Comment by Mitchell Hankins yesterday

 Poteet #7, Linda


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