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Reeves County, TX - Oil & Gas Discussion

Oil & gas discussion group for those interested in Reeves County, TX. Share your experience regarding lease bonus, royalty rates, drilling activity, and oil & gas news.

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Richard roberts:Section 11/Block 3/Abstract 51/H & GN RR

Started by Clint Liles. Last reply by richard roberts yesterday. 1 Reply

Richard,Anadarko has an approved permit as of May 9, 2017 to drill a Wolfcamp well(#89-35957) next door to the N/W in Section 8...…Continue

Reeves County, Texas, lease

Started by Suzanne J Taylor. Last reply by Charles Emery Tooke III on Thursday. 3 Replies

I am new to this forum and I really know nothing about mineral leases. My Mother recently passed away and I am just now in possession of my deceased father's oil lease information. Nearing 90 years…Continue

Keywords: County, Reeves

T&P Twp 7 Block 55 Leasing/Purchase Rates

Started by Tom Parker. Last reply by Liz M. on Tuesday. 10 Replies

This is about 5 miles south of Toyah. Have been getting offers regularly to lease or purchase, but don't know what are the going rates these days? There are quite a number of wells a few miles to our…Continue

Lease rates and offers in Reeves County, TX

Started by Reagan "R.T." Dukes. Last reply by Clint Liles on Tuesday. 961 Replies

Use this post to share and discuss your lease offers.  The more we know about what is being offered the better decisions we'll all make.  Share your bonus, royalty rate, and any other provisions you…Continue

Keywords: lease bonus, lease rates, lease offers, royalty rate, Reeves County TX

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Comment by Louise Welch yesterday

M A Smith,

that is the amount that I got too. Another company about 5 months ago did the same offer and I accepted that one too. So, it was nice to have two of them surveying the land. I was just hopeful that it will be fruitful to me, as I have had this land for a long time....thank you for the information about Vector. Have a great day...

Comment by M A Smith yesterday


Vector was bought by Schlumberger, so you are dealing with a large, reputable company.  We were approached a couple of weeks ago regarding our acreage in Block 59 PSL.  They are doing a very large 3D survey to the SW of and tying into their existing surveys of Reeves County.  The website below shows the boundaries of the older surveys.


They were offering $20/acre, which, after some research, I accepted.  It is important to note that it was non-exclusive so I am not precluded from signing another deal with another seismic company (not holding my breath).

I hope this helps.

Comment by Charles Emery Tooke III yesterday

Ron Dhillon - 

I found your family an offer of $1,000 an acre, but never heard back from Jasmir.


Comment by ron dhillon on Friday
We like to sell surface rights of our land sec 1 blk 112 ab 1571 in culbersion county about 467 acres
Please text me about interest 9163033640 thanks Ron
Comment by Louise Welch on Thursday

M A Smith,

yes, one is Vector. Is that a good thing or bad?

Comment by M A Smith on Thursday


You are correct.  I slipped a decimal.  Good thing I don't work for NASA.

Comment by richard roberts on Wednesday

hello, thank everyone who is watching the local drilling news and posting maps and links.  i appreciate that some of the same maps and links get re-posted and know that must take patience to keep posting the same links but, believe me, i am one of those who is always grateful for re-posting of links.  i found that map interesting of top producing reeves wells and i enjoy reading the news postings. we have surface and minerals in this area:  Sect 11, Blk 3, H&GN RR, Reeves.  as one who does not use the maps and menus so well, is this area near activity?  also, as an opinion, i read this article yesterday: http://oilprice.com/Energy/Oil-Prices/Oil-Market-Rebalancing-Hasnt-... and wonder if maybe it is not time to sell minerals?  i see news where volvo will only make electric cars in 2019 (if i understand the news correctly) and that ecuador has announced they are not holding with opec any more?  is it possible this is the edge of a long decline in value of our lands and perhaps we are seeing a peak in prices being offered for purchase?  as someone on the edge of retirement i would kinda hate to be stuck with a pig in a poke.  we have close to 24 acres so it could be some good money to make a move now especially if prices go lower than can be drilled in the area - i wonder what the price per bbl break even price is nowadays??  regards to all and thanks for the postings and replies.

Comment by Richard Saxton on Wednesday

sb .001953125 right ?

Comment by M A Smith on Wednesday


Another variant would be if the 5 acres are not defined as a single geographic unit but rather the rights to 5 acres out of the 640.  We have one parcel for which we have 20 acres out of the 640, so it is prorated over the entire section.  Imagine 4 horizontal wells.  Each is a 160-acre unit.  We get a 0.00078125 (20/640/4)  share of the 25% royalty on each well (or 0.0001953125 of the total production of each well).

Comment by M A Smith on Wednesday

Paul --

We are near you (Section 20).  The operator, Resolute, has been very active.  They are also drilling in Section 28 adjacent to you.  You can look at the investor presentations on their website and see how the nearby wells are doing.


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