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Just curious if Cactus 133 rig is still setting on pad, supposedly has a move off date of 12/2. The drill site is 1 Mile west of Texas 17 on FM 3334. According to Primexx pumper, fracking is to begin for the next 18 days after move off. We plan on driving down from Lubbock during the fracking but want to make sure it’s in process before a drive down.
Is there anyway to know if there is any more wells planned for this lease? I have read where Well # (10H) indicates more well to be drilled, but also read that has nothing to do with number of possible well to be drilled, not sure what to believe. I would think it would have a lot to do with how well 10H comes in.
In researching production logs for area wells it seems like gas production in dollars can be 2 or 3 times what oil production is, am i reading this right or am I missing something, which could be very possible as I’m new to the game. Thanks for any info.

Stan Mitchell

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I live on Hwy 17  one mile north of FM3334  and about 2 miles as the crow flies northeast of Cactus 133.  

They will be rigging down today and moving the rig out shortly.  Primexx has more wells scheduled to be drilled

on both the north and south sides of FM3334  and east of FM2448 near Toyah creek.  They are building some

12 inch produced water gathering/transport lines for all the new wells and the projected ones.....and bringing

a second 8 inch produced water disposal line into the Rayburn SWD  (saltwater disposal) on my property. 

They are bringing a 16 inch gas gathering line through my property as well. 

ol' Lawrence in Verhalen 


Thanks for the reply and all the other info. We drove down to see the drilling rig and process and want to come down again when they start the fracking. If you notice fracking activity on site I would appreciate a shout out either by the forum or just give me a text on my cell phone (806-632-9969). It sounds like they are on schedule as per the Primexx pumper who said move off 12/2/17 and fracking to begin shortly after for about 18 days time frame. Looks like the process is moving along on time with well coming on line after first of year.

Stan Mitchell


Just curious, have you seen any activity at the drill sight, did they get the rig moved off.



Lawrence, you appear to be a couple of miles south of our property - Sec. 185 (A-302).  Noble has apparently spudded there but who knows when they will frack...they appear to have quite a number of wells waiting for fracking.


Yes ma'am.  I'm in section 182 block 13.  Noble is drilling in that area, but so is Cimerex. Oxy

Brigham, COG, Primexx, are all coming from the northeast to the southwest across you an me.  

Look for many more wells to be drilled in and around us this next year. 

ol' Lawrence in Verhalen 

Cactus 133 is nowhere near the fracking stage yet. I don't know how deep they are right now and IF they've made their turn to horizontal drilling yet....but, when they get into the formation any gas there will vent to the atmosphere and
the ignitor will cause it to burn. So, if they were in the formation drilling horizontally, the flare would be puffing and
in a staccato pattern. Not a peep out of the flare stack in the last 4 weeks. I can see it...because the rig is only 2 miles
from me as the crow flies.

But, Primexx has stubbed up their 16 inch gas gathering line near that well and have tie ins ready at all the other drilled wells Primexx has west of Hwy 17. They came across my property with the gathering line, but they are not yet finished
with their welding and testing the line. Strydor is the contractor putting in the gas gathering line. I talk to them and the
Primexx area production superintendent regularly.

ol' Lawrence in Verhalen

Rig is still sitting there. It has never flared any gas, so they aren't ready to frack it. Dunno if they are drilling horizontally yet or not. Just know that Primexx has put a stub up for their 16 inch gas gathering line near the well site. Stryder is
the contractor building the pipeline for Primexx. I talk to the Stryder and Primexx superintendents all the time because they brought the 16 inch gas line across my property.

ol' Lawrence in Verhalen

ol’Lawrence in Verhalen

Thanks so much for the info, sounds like the time line I was told must have been for some other well.  The well is 13,000 ft. deep and about 12,000 ft. horizontal so not sure how long it should take to drill, they spudded in around 10/21/17.



No flaring...so they haven't finished their horizontal drilling. Primexx has stubbed up their 16 inch gas gathering line
at the location...so they are getting ready. They have not fracked the well yet.

ol' Lawrence in Verhalen


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