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Reeves County, TX - Oil & Gas Discussion

Oil & gas discussion group for those interested in Reeves County, TX. Share your experience regarding lease bonus, royalty rates, drilling activity, and oil & gas news.

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Reeves County TX Oil & Gas Permits

Started by Reagan "R.T." Dukes. Last reply by Clint Liles yesterday. 646 Replies

Post, discuss and share information related to Reeves County Oil & Gas permits in the replies below.P.S. Thank you to Clint Liles for championing the effort to keep us all up to date. Continue

Lease rates and offers in Reeves County, TX

Started by Reagan "R.T." Dukes. Last reply by CW Andrews on Thursday. 749 Replies

Use this post to share and discuss your lease offers.  The more we know about what is being offered the better decisions we'll all make.  Share your bonus, royalty rate, and any other provisions you…Continue

Keywords: lease bonus, lease rates, lease offers, royalty rate, Reeves County TX

Recommendations of local agents

Started by Nora Leonard Sep 16. 0 Replies

My two sisters and I have recently inherited ~5 acres of land in Reeves county, and since then we've had two offers, one to buy outright all our royalty rights and one $50 offer for right of way. I…Continue

Title Question

Started by Goezt Boje Sep 15. 0 Replies

What County agency do I need contact to see if I have title to the mineral rights in that countywhich I inherited in 2004.I am in possession of three pages from the County Court of Reeves County…Continue

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Comment by Bob McCormack on Sunday

Much thanks TennisDaze.   Your information has been most helpful.   It would be nice if somewhere could be found how to interpret the PLAT, I've looked high and low.

Both wells are contained completely within my sections .  The first  PLAT lists  960 acres (called) and includes the Evergreen 1 1H spanning both of my sections within the drawn gray boundary lines.  This area does exclude about 1/4 of each section above and below the well. Not sure what that means.

The second PLAT  for Evergreen  12 1H shows part of the original gray area of first PLAT being separated into two smaller tracts of 239.9 acres each, again outlined with gray lines and enclosing the entire well start to finish but now separated out from the original area of the first PLAT.

I am guessing that means my interests are completely included in the original 960 acres since total of my sections only comes to 60 acres.  Hopefully I am interpreting this correctly.

Comment by TennisDaze on Sunday

Looking at permit information on RRC site for Evergreen Unit 12 1H, there is a note that the 479.8 acres are being removed from acreage for Evergreen 1 1H.  So the 960 acres for Evergreen 1 1H well has been reduced by 479.8 acres to 480.2 acres.  The plat for Evergreen Unit 12 1H shows the unit is comprised of West 239.9 acres from Section 1 and West 239.9 acres from Section 12.  You should print the 2 plats to see how they overlap your mineral acreage.   If you own the same percentage under all of the 960 acres, your royalty DOI will be the same for both wells, regardless as to how the acreage is allocated between the wells.  Since these are being treated as separate producing units, you will receive a new division order fro the Evergreen 12 1H after it is drilled.  You should create a well file for each well to contain all of the permit and completion information as it become available on the RRC site, division orders, correspondence, etc.  Apache filed a P-12, Certificate of Pooling, for Evergreen Unit 12 1H, listing Roye Boys Partnership et al for Tract 1 and JG Gawlik et al for Tract 2.  Ask Apache for a copy of the DPU (Designation of Pooled Unit) which will be recorded in deed records.  I am not sure if you will be asked to ratify if you own under the entire well acreage.  Apache has not filed a completion report or reported any volumes for Evergreen 1 1H well.  I found the spud and drilling dates on a subscription service.

Comment by Bob McCormack on Saturday

Question on making sure division order is correct.  Since it doesn't say anything about what source of production it is in reference to, just the royalty interest decimal and my section holdings.    

Of the two permits located in my section,  the one (42-389-34804) TennisDaze referenced lists 960 acres.  This would correlate with the interest calculation of the division order.  

The other permit, (389-34980) which got Approval on  9-10-15 shows 479.8 acres.   Should I be expecting a different division order should this well go into production ?

Also where do I find the completed well information.  So far I can't duplicate what TennisDaze came up with.

Comment by Bob McCormack on Thursday

Thanks Buzz.   The current RR map shows permits for both the drilled well and the one you listed.  Both of them show as being completely on my sections, start to finish.  

Of course the Division Order makes no mention of the total size of the acres involved, nor the clause prohibiting modification to original lease terms.   By working backwards from the interest decimal shown I come up with 930 acres, which is close.   

I do note that while I didn't see any current shut-in wells on the RR map,  doesn't mean after a limited production period it could be invoked to hold on to the resources.  Maybe I'm being too cynical.  Never really thought there would be wells drilled this soon.

Comment by Marcus T on Thursday

Ann - I don't see that they've spud that well per the TX RRC or my subscription service.

Comment by Buzz Van Meter on Thursday

Bob -- Apache recently applied for another 'Evergreen' well nearby:


Apache is a major operator.

Later -- Buzz

Comment by Ann Whitchurch on October 1, 2015 at 6:32am

My CWEI lease expired today.  My minerals are in Section 26, Block C-7 PSL, in the Toyah Lake bed SE of Pecos.  They have a permit to drill.

Anybody know if they've spudded a well yet?

Comment by TennisDaze on October 1, 2015 at 12:31am

Apache drilled Evergreen 1 1H well in May 2015 - API 42-389-34804.  Permit claims 960 acres in lease.  Plat shows acreage includes portions of Section 1, Block C3 (A-1367) where wellhead is located and Section 12, Block C3 ( A-1180) where endpoint of horizontal well bore is located.  Division order should clarify if well includes 960 acres.  No idea when or if well has been fracked.

Comment by Stephen Long on September 30, 2015 at 8:53pm

If you have a Division Order, you DO have production.

Comment by Bob McCormack on September 30, 2015 at 8:32pm

Just received forms for Oil and Gas division order from Apache Corporation for  A-1367 Section 1 Blk C3 and A-1180 Section 12 Blk 3 .  My 3 year lease signed with Evergreen expired end of July this year.   The map shows two horizontal permits but no wells.  There are both gas and oil wells in the nearby sections, most closer to Pacos.

 I am wondering if a last minute drilling activity was done to hold on to the lease since it had no extension.  I did include a 36 month maximum shut-in  clause in my leases.   

Wondering if anyone else has been contacted or done business with Apache Corporation.  Not sure just getting a division order means there is any real production.


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