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I own minerals in Pittsburgh county and I'm interested in leasing rights.  Anyone know of a reputable land man, or a production company willing to skip the middle man?  Land is located in: 

Sec 15-5N-15E

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No leases have been filed of record in your section since 2010. There is some recent leasing in other sections in your township. Sanguine Gas Exploration and Jackfork Land are the recent lessees. I'm not sure, but you might skip a middleman with Sanguine. Jackfork is a broker (middle man).

John, most ever E&P company uses a broker (middle man) like Jackfork.  Sanguine uses a broker (middle man) as well.   In these parts I believe their (middle man) is Reagan Resources. Jackfork appears to be the broker for a great new E&P company that goes by Antioch Energy, LLC.  Antioch has been in the news a lot on these parts. It seems that they are more of an E&P than Sanguine based on recent filings, as Sanguine has been more of a royalty company out here that buys minerals instead of leasing mineral owners to drill new wells.  


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