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Grady County, OK - Oil & Gas Discussion

Oil & gas discussion group for those interested in Grady County, OK. Share your experience regarding lease bonus, royalty rates, drilling activity, and oil & gas news in the SCOOP and SOHOT


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Comment by PHYLLIS TIMS on Wednesday

Don   Great pictures.  12X13  Thanks

Comment by Garland Smith on Wednesday

Has anyone with minerals in 6-7n-7w Grady herd anything about any activity at all. I have always assumed that 6-7-7 was a reasonably good spot in the production area, but perhaps not. 

Apache seems to be the big dog in the area now, but despite my best efforts, I cant get feedback on what's going on.

Comment by Papa Gordon on Wednesday

A big thank you to Don Bray and M Barnes for your assistance regarding section 5-06N-06W.  I have some "feet on the street" in Grady County and he was not aware of this Cagle 1-5HS.  He had seen the pad but he assumed it was going into the section 32.  I can't thank you enough for posting the documents.  I need to learn how to go find these documents myself.

Comment by Frank Brooks on Wednesday

Thank You  !!!  once again M. Barnes ! Looking on their site, I saw this woman CEO of this company on a national news show last year - Kate Richard. I had no idea this was her company. Thanks for your insights and all you do on our County forum.   Hope the manna keeps falling for us all !

Comment by M Barnes on Wednesday


Here is the Warwick Energy group website.


The Ryan Express was completed in the Mississippian.  CLR has spacing and drilling privileges in that zone. 

Looks like Warwick wants to drill in the Springer zone which is a different reservoir.   The original paperwork in 201801312 says the surface location will be 330 feet from the east line and 330 feet from the south line of 19.  An amended application has the surface at 330 from the north line and 1320 from the east line or 18.  Won't really know until the permit comes out.  Usually one company controls the whole section, but sometimes not.  CLR does have a piece of the new well as do many other people/entities. 

I am attaching a stratigraphic chart for OK reservoirs.  Look in Region 1 on the left side.  Go down to about letter B/C.  The Ryan Express was drilled in the Mississippian Mayes formation.  The new well is slated for the "Springer" which is above it.  Actually, they are probably going for the Goddard shale which is at the bottom of the Springer larger zone. 


Given that you are about to have a second well with the potential for more wells in at least two reservoirs, that is why you are getting offers.  I am hanging onto my acreage catty corner to you.  Lots of potential for the future. 

Comment by Frank Brooks on Wednesday

Hello All !  I have been recently receiving "substantial" offers to buy my mineral intersts very recently.  Continental has already got a well producting in my section.  Section 18-6-6.  About this time last year, from watching the Corporation Commission website, it looked like CLR was about to drill again.  Case #201600473. Then around 6-12-2017 the progress stopped on the webstite.  So I have continued checking periodically to see if anything is happening. Yesterday, I go to my mailbox and receive a envelop from Warwick-Backus and it is for relief sought on a MultiUnit Horizontal Well and it an Amended Application. This Case # 201801311. Using this case number instead of the previous, I look on the Corporation Commision's website again and see there has been 15 documents filed since around 20 Februrary.

I am too inexpericenced to understand what is going on here, I guess. Could someone more knowledgeable than me, please help inform me? It looks like they are wanting to drill another well on us in 18/19- 6- 6.  Like stated CLR already has the Ryan Express on us.

Who is this Warwick- Bacchus?  Never heard of them in past 8 years until now. Anyone familiar with them or their reputation?  There is a proposed map attached and from website looked like protest have happened. And why is this new company involved if CLR already has a well in our sections?  And lastly, I can't determine which way they propose to drill from this time.  From 18 to 19 again, or vice-versa, 19 to 18 this time.  This is confusing!  Thanks in advance for the tutoring and time to help us mineral owner invalids!   

Comment by M Barnes on April 17, 2018 at 10:46am

Thanks Don, you got to posting it first.  

In general, most of the drilling in OK is north-south due to the prevailing structural grain of the fracture system being a bit off east-west.  You want the natural fractures to be oriented as close to perpendicular to the horizontal well bore as possible.  The well pad will be selected for ease of access, flatness (or ability to be graded that way), geology, etc.  If they can share a pad and have one well go north and one well go south, that saves money as well.  (See map below).

That being said, the Gulfport/Vitruvian play on the back side of some of the big thrusts are aligned a bit differently, again to capitalize on structure and keeping the horizontals in the right geology.  

Comment by Don Bray on April 17, 2018 at 7:52am

Papa, you can look HERE   Enter 201703512 as the Case #

Note:  CLR does not always drill north... BUSER 1-19-30XH is one example

Comment by Papa Gordon on April 16, 2018 at 9:31pm

M Barnes,  Can you send me a copy of the exhibits or tell me how to get them? I was talking to a fellow who lives in the area.  He is aware of the Cagle pad.  He assumed that was for a well to be drilled into Section 32 since it is in the far north part of the section and CLR always drills north.  He did admit that it has been a while since he down in that location, so he was not sure if a well was on the pad.  Thank you for your assistance.

Comment by M Barnes on April 16, 2018 at 8:22am

Don, great pictures! 


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