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Grady County, OK - Oil & Gas Discussion

Oil & gas discussion group for those interested in Grady County, OK. Share your experience regarding lease bonus, royalty rates, drilling activity, and oil & gas news in the SCOOP and SOHOT


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Comment by M Barnes 13 hours ago

Actually, once the first operator spaces a certain reservoir at 640 acres and drills the first well, no one else can drill in that reservoir unless they file for a special exception release.  Usually it is the first operator that does that because they want to drill out the rest of the reservoir.  Depending upon each person's lease language with depth clauses or pooling terms, another operator may or may not have difficulty getting permission to drill another zone.  TPR can always sell their rights to someone else.  The main thing is to get it drilled by a good operator.  

So a general answer is it does limit other companies unless there are exceptions approved by the OCC.

Comment by Don Bray yesterday

George, I believe TPR Mid-Continent, LLC is a subsidiary of Travis Peak Resources, LLC, based out of Texas.  Your section 11-08N-07W and section 14-08N-07W makes their 3rd multi-horizontal well planned in Grady County (as far as I can tell).  TRP Mid-Continent, LLC should not be confused with MID-CONTINENT II, LLC that is also active in Grady County.

The other 2 multi-horizontal wells w/applications (that I am aware of):

SECTIONS 25 AND 36, TOWNSHIP 9 NORTH, RANGE 7 WEST (protested by Continental Resources)

SECTIONS 5 AND 8, TOWNSHIP 8 NORTH, RANGE 6 WEST (read the notices in todays paper)

From what I can tell, TPR Mid-Continent, LLC filings should not limit future opportunities for others to drill in your section 11-08N-07W.

Comment by Debra Cummings yesterday

Thanks M.

And thanks for all you contribute to the blog.

We're lucky to have a real petroleum and geology expert with us!

Comment by M Barnes yesterday

Debra, they frequently space the zones above a below the main horizons just in case they run into them and accidentally frac them.  That gets the legal work out of the way.

I think the most logical order of things will be a Woodford well that is the deeper horizon which will hold the section.  Then a different well or wells will come later to drill the Mississippian, Springer or Hoxbar shallower zones.  They do not usually use the same hole for multiple horizontal zones.  It is possible, but not common.  They may use the same pad though for several wells.  That is very common.  So not "4 horizons from the same bore hole."  

I am looking forward to "refrac" of old wells.  It has been done some and the technology is evolving.  A typical horizontal well may only get 4-7% of the reserves within its drainage area (if I remember the numbers correctly from a talk I heard a couple of years ago.) So the remaining reserves are still sitting there to be recovered many years down the road.  If they managed to get 40-50% out, that would be tremendous.  They can never get them all out due to lots of factors that I won't bore you with, but oil recovery is usually less than gas recovery due to the size of the molecules for oil vs gas and wettability of the rock versus the liquid sticking to it.  

Comment by George Gassman on Monday
Thanks Don.
We've been waiting for a long time so what's another 17 months! The good news is someone is drilling. Since there could be drilling in 14-08N-07W, does that limit future opportunities for others to drill in our actual section 11-08N-07W?
Comment by rdub on Monday


OCC Hearings on filings on Sect 15 07N 07W.

The Hearing at OCC Jim Thorp on Mar 27, 2017, Monday on Sect 15 7N 7W.

If you Internet search for it (grady county OK OCC 15 07N 07W) you can

find the actual posted docket sheet:

Probably down to 75 pages.....From the search result do a find on Grady and see everything on the docket for Monday. 

Hoxbar in addition to Woodford, Miss, Hunton is interesting.

Comment by Barbara Gilbert on Monday

Thanks for the graphic, Don!  I'm close, but no cigar, eh?

Comment by Don Bray on Sunday

For George and Stephen,

Section 7-6N-6W ... My Timeline from Lease to Royalty Check

2013/July - My Lease with Continental Resources

2014/Feb/March - Applications filed with OCC by Apache & Continental Resources (protests and continued hearings for months)

2015/Sept - 2nd Applications filed with OCC by Continental Resources

2016/Feb - Permit to Drill

2016/Feb - Notification of Well Spud

2016/July - Drilling finished (per completion rpt filed 12-20-2016)

2016/Sept - Completed including 1st production & Sales (per completion report filed 12-20-2016)

2017/Feb - Division Order & 1st Royalty Check from Continental

Note:  One brother leased with Apache and one brother leased with Echo.  Both are also receiving royalty checks from Continental based on their leases.

If you discount the first set of applications about 17 months from application to royalty check for this section.  I had another section that was 10 months that included an emergency order.

Comment by George Gassman on Sunday

Wondering if others on this board have run into the same situation... Continental has our rights in 11-08N-07W, however, Mid-Continent is the company proposing the multi-unit horizontal drill site in 14-08N-07W as noted by Stephen below.  Assuming our royalty terms we agreed to with Continental will hold even though Mid-Continent is the actual company drilling??  

Comment by George Gassman on Sunday

Hi Stephen -

Long time follower but still a rookie in knowledge on mineral rights.  I'm sure others will be able to provide better information on potential timing.


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