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Post, discuss and share information related to Madison County Oil & Gas permits in the replies below.

Thank you to Clint Liles for championing the effort to keep us all up to date.

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The minerals we own are directly above your red circle at the 90 degree turn on Skaints ln


     Our mineral acres are in the A Boatwright and Z Robinson. The leases in our area are 500 - 650 per acre.    A 22% royalty interest for 3 years. Avoid the additional 2 years.     No need to pay part of the processing fees. Also be sure they agree to use 100 % of the acres in the same unit. Limit the size of the unit to 650 - 700 acres. You do not want to be 10 acres, in a 800 acre pool.

    If the total production would net you a check of less than 500.00 for a particular month, they pay you 500 dollars, for that month. It cuts down on checks for 49.99.

    Be careful of the "price per ft" clauses on horizontal wells.

    Be careful of small companies that lease and then sell you. Look at the Texas RRC page, and see if the company you are talking to, has drilled any wells. And where they were and how good they were.

     You can limit them to specific zones, by leasing everything from a certain depth and above. 

Ask questions now, your relatives for many generations will be glad you did.

WCM     wcm58@yahoo.com 

Do you know any of the neighbors. If not you might find them in the Madison County Appraisal Dist maps if your area.

What part of the County ?

How many acres?



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