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Has anyone done business with these folks? An offered lease has rather severe "breach of contract" language that obviously favors lessee.

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Almost all of the original draft leases from any company will favor the lessee.  That is why a strong Ex. A is so important.  Almost every clause in a lease is negotiable and can be changed more to the mineral owner's favor. 

Never heard of Quanah.  Bizapedia has three entries for that name.  If they are the one out of OKC, they have been in business since April 2017. 

Thanks for the response.  I have an excellent "Exhibit A". According to OKCountyRecords, quite a few folks have signed leases with this new company for my sections.  I'm out of state so I don't know these people to know if they've been paid. 

I was contacted by Quanah Energy do check it out and talk to the owner in TX they have no field office in Tulsa OK which my lease offer came from.  The Company was not the person who sent my lease to me and several of my family members.  I was told by the Owner of Quanah Energy they are not actively leasing in Coal Co. OK. he was very upset and asked for the man name and number who had been in contact with me and a copy of the lease offer which I sent to him as he was trying to stop the person using his company name.  I hope this is not what is happening to you but it's been a few months ago it happened to us.  Also talked to the Office in OK City over oil companies who are operating in OKla. and Quanah Emergy is not on there list of companies check it out makes calls.

Many thanks for this info. According to the OKCountyRecords, Quanah has been filing leases in Coal County since late August. I will be on the phone shortly.  

This forum is terrific.  The more we can share, the better we all are served.  


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