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As far as depth, thickness & density of formations in the midland basin & the counties that are " in" it ?? I am new to all this & own some mineral interests in some of these counties Reagan,crokket,Garza, Dawson, some producing, but all are pretty old wells,some are really old!! Thanks.
William " Austin" Pugh 3rd....;)

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http://www.beg.utexas.edu/resprog/permianbasin/geolog_synth/2005mid...   Try this and use google to get the final report. Even though '05 is a few years back, I find it useful. A college near you might have it and a couple of disks come with it.

I see you are in Crockett. I was a member but it seems to have folded. Have you had any luck with the Crockett forum?

http://begstore.beg.utexas.edu/store/reports-of-investigations/1726... this would be good to get an idea of your minerals

Thanks j Richard!! I really appreciate your response, I have some producing gas wells in Crockett, but have not checked out the forum yet!!! Thanks for the info, I Will look into that!! I am new to this site & not real good with " smart phones" or computers, but I am learning !! Really really appreciate your response & info!! Will check into that & see!!! Have a great eve!!! Best regards! William " Austin" Pugh 3rd!! ...p.s I live in Mt now but originally from east Tx, its COLD up here now & I am in the western side of the state ( bitterroot valley), which is usually mild compared to east of the rockies, but not now!!! Brrrr take care & thanks again j Richard!! ..:)


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