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My wife and her brother own the mineral rights for Blaine County section 29&30-19N-12W.
Apparently there is some stacking for drilling going on on this land.
Anybody know what the activity / interest level is in this area and what would be a rough price for mineral rights / acre if they decided to sell ?

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Lots...I've seen deeds for $8000/acre, heard of some over $30,000, a price i would certainly have to consider. I don't see this huge rise in oil prices that justifies such valuation but that is just me. I'd sell and do 1031tax exchange for bigger parcel elsewhere

Nobody is paying $30k/acre right now. Go look at the doc stamps on the deeds. The most anyone is paying is $20k/acre and that's in the best part of the stack i.e.- most sections in 16N-10W.
Anybody familliar with Rock Cliff Energy ? Receiving calls from them with offer in the mid-4000 range for these minerals rights. Are they a legit company to deal with ?
Any advice is appriciated......


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