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Appraisal for Mineral Rights

Started by Kristi Gray. Last reply by paula seabolt Jan 24. 44 Replies

Has anyone had their mineral rights appraised for potential inheritance tax purposes?If so, what is the process, what are the mineral rights potentially worth and how does the government handle the…Continue

Keywords: Rights, Mineral, of, Appraisal

Royalty Loans

Started by Teri Hanson. Last reply by Donald Skotty Jan 18. 14 Replies

Has anyone ever heard of getting a loan based on anticipated royalties, when there isn't even any drilling going on yet?Continue

Looking for Mineral Rights to Lease

Started by Scott Varner. Last reply by Jerome Anderson Jan 3. 10 Replies

I am currently seeking landowners and mineral owners to lease from... Anything from 2-3 sections and up to 15-25 sections....Continue

Missouri River acreage "Discrepancies"

Started by Steve Gunderson. Last reply by lostwood Jan 1. 1 Reply

Trying to locate other Bakken North Dakota mineral owners that were affected by the Lake Sakakawea land (mineral right) grab made by the State of North Dakota. I have information I would like to…Continue

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Comment by r w kennedy on March 1, 2016 at 12:37pm

Thank you Ms. Barnes, I stand corrected. As far as I know we have always exported refined fuels and lubricants also which I didn't mention.

Comment by r w kennedy on March 1, 2016 at 12:28pm

Daniel Baca, someone wondered if I would have something to say about your posts and I do.

If someone wants to sell, it's their decision. I, and I don't think anyone else here would want to stand in their way...as long as it were a carefully weighed and informed decision.

Yes, keeping your minerals includes risk that nobody will want them. This is a fairly well known risk that our families and we have been dealing with for 50-120 years or so. I think we have hashed it out in that time. You don't gain a lot of respect by coming on here and giving the sweepstakes spiel about you may have already won.

I can instantly tell one reason why you want to hold property rather than cash. The US dollar has been devaluing at an alarming rate and one of the ways government may try to fix problems is to devalue the currency by about half and pay all debts at face value. An apple is an apple, a barrel of oil is a barrel of oil and it will be sold at market value no matter where the currency goes. Remember the stories of a wheelbarrow full of Lira to buy a loaf of bread? There is nothing that says it can't happen in the US. I would rather own mineral rights than cash. Thanks.

When one talks about getting a better return on the money gained from the sale of mineral rights, just because you have a chunk of cash doesn't turn you into a financial expert. Nor does hiring people who purport to be financial experts rationally equate to actually making any money on your investments and often quite the reverse happens. Also you didn't mention the 15% CAPITAL GAINS TAX which is going to be a huge cliff to overcome before you could start making money on any investment with money gained from the sale of your mineral rights, not so? Reasonably safe investments right now are not beating the rate of inflation. Where is this good deal you are trying to help us into? I'm not seeing it.

Daniel, I hope you will forgive me for speaking the truth but you are just another person trying to operate OPM, other peoples money. You have nothing at risk in the deal. The money is not yours. You are trying to invite yourself to the table set for those who have something of value, minerals, and those who have money and wish to buy. Inviting yourself to dinner is bad form just about anywhere I have ever been and I have been a lot of places.

As an example, rather than starting your own website which doesn't cost even $500 and allow people to come to you, you come here and violate the terms of service soliciting on this site. When you stop looking for something for nothing and actually bring something to the table, maybe you will be better received.

Comment by M Barnes on March 1, 2016 at 11:42am

Just a small correction.  First tanker of LNG to come out of the lower 48 from the Chenier plant.  We have been exporting natural gas in LNG form from Alaska to Japan for decades.  Also, first shipment of sweet oil has gone out as well.  Our refineries were built to handle the mostly sour crude that the US produced until recently.  The shale oil is sweeter, so the refineries cannot handle it as well.  Overseas refineries would be able to use it.  So once the supply and demand get equalized, things will be much better. 

Comment by r w kennedy on March 1, 2016 at 11:35am

It has been slow of late while I was away on the other side of the world with my bad internet connection. I am back in the US now.

First order of business is if you have held your minerals this far, I believe we have seen the worst that is likely to happen. Take heart.

The cost to drill complete and produce a well has come down drastically. I always knew the oil companies were overpaying for services by at least 30% and it appears that that was conservative. Top of the line Bakken wells that go according to plan cost 7-7.5 million dollars. I had one well that the operator, KOG claimed cost 14.5 million dollars when the paperwork claimed the cost overrun was about $60k. I am looking into that. Paying too much for services was why almost everyone said that Bakken production required at least $70 per barrel. This is no longer true. It is true that we won't be making money hand over fist at these prices but they won't be down forever.

A large part of why the price of oil is down is the fact that since the price of oil has fallen that US oil imports have INCREASED. There is a very simple reason for this. The BIGGS can still make a decent profit on imported oil so that is what they are doing. Foreign countries signed horrible oil leases because they needed the money, some repudiated those leases but many did not. It may cost as little as $20 per barrel to get that oil to the US, to many different points in the US since it is coming on a ship, and probably not going to a hub but more directly to a buyer so it cost less to move. It is also heavy oil which is better for plastics and lubricants which Bakken crude is not. Exxon reported making just under 1 billion dollars, down from about 4 billion the year previous. In their shoes would you rather earn 1 billion or would you rather take a loss? I don't own their stock but if I did, I would want them to do exactly what they did and possibly more of it! As it is, I don't like it but I understand it.

I won't go deep into the geopolitical equation but we could have war in the middle east at any time. If it should happen, which I don't want a war, who does? Would we ever be in a better position for a Mideast war than to be brimming with fuel?

About a week ago the US exported it's first tanker of natural gas. It is an incredible pity that it happens now and not a few years ago when the price was 300% as high(Remember right after Fukushima in Japan?), but it is a start. From small things large things grow. We may even supplant Russia as the supplier of natural gas for western Europe. That would be a handful of years away if it happens but it would be a logical step from our prospective and Europe's.

I am glad to be back and I look forward to weighing in on a few subjects.

Comment by Joan M Osland Graffius on February 24, 2016 at 8:38pm

Does anyone own or know anything about UxBridge Oil. A North Dakota oil company

Comment by Bart Barton on January 6, 2016 at 8:26am

at least Kuntz has enough balls not to hide behind an alias

Comment by B Volney on November 20, 2015 at 7:18am


Kodiak Oil and Gas acquired North Plains Energy February 2012

Whiting Petroleum acquired Kodiak Oil and Gas effective December 8, 2014

as with all acquisitions, it is assumed everything pretty much stays the same, operations wise.....

this is the contact information I was provided, as with ALL operators, they really do not like to confirm or deny anything on the phone.....go figure.






Whiting Petroleum Corporation

1700 Broadway, Suit 2300

Denver, CO  80290

I hope this will help in some way to you, good luck   Brian...

Comment by Steven M Bennett on November 19, 2015 at 9:58am

We have numerous wells leased to Kodiak and just discovered the Whiting acquisition. We cannot get a response from Whiting. Is anyone else having problems with Whiting or does anyone have any knowledge of the lease transfers?

Comment by jody kuntz on November 10, 2015 at 2:23pm

Here are my two cents for all they are worth, as I am sick and tired of these OIL wannabe companies LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, COERCING, and sending all of our oil over to the MIDDLE EAST, and the Bullshit war, based on all lies...People, please HOLD all of your Interests, do not lease, and call the SHERIFF of your county if you have any problems, or the Bureau of Criminal Investigation in North Dakota, as there has been the shadiest shit I have ever seen in my life happen in our once GREAT STATE of NORTH DAKOTA.   Call the Governor, and tell him to get out of bed with Lynn Helms and the Oil Butt Pirates.  Thank you and GOD BLESS....Jody

Comment by Deborah Haug on November 9, 2015 at 7:25pm
Gary & Charles,
Thank you both for years of thoughtful comments. I applaude your appreciate for those of us whose minerals have been owned for decades. From a great grand daughter of Norwegian immigrants who homesteaded the land and busted their asses.

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