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How can I locate Winkler County tax rolls detailing RI owners ? 

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If you don't mind the high price, this might be an option. Perhaps the Winkler County Central Appraisal District office will have a better solution for you.  Winkler CAD property search   and Map Search

Physical Address:   
     107 E. Winkler
     Kermit, Texas 79745-4201

Mailing Address:
     P.O. Box 1219
     Kermit, Texas 79745-1219



Chief Appraiser:
     Connie Carpenter

Thanks brother! 

You're welcome. I entered your surname in the property search link above and there are three pages of returns. One can click on the "View Details" button next to each and get expanded information which includes the fractional interest as in this example  

Legal Description: 0.000879 RI 


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