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I am looking to hire another landman/mineral buyer to help me possibly sell some minerals, and also purchase in new areas for investment purposes. 

Anyone have any recommendations?

NO large companies or brokers. I would like to help out an individual landman. 

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I have a guy that has helped me acquire minerals in the past and is finishing up ROW work in Midland and headed down to central Texas soon. He does a good job on mineral buying.

His name is Gabe Meruelo



thanks dirk!

Thank you . I'd like to give him a call also if you do not mind.

What area are you interested in acquiring/divesting?

ill message you!

I do some buying if your looking to sell. What areas are you selling?

I'm also interested in maybe selling or leasing my inheritad minerals only... They are active in payne county... I would also like any information you can give me about my minerals please help me ... Should I be receiving royalitys on my minerals? Sec.3 t/s19N range1E..any information you can provide us sisters is so gratfully appreciated. Thank you. Vicki Tucker.


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