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I received a lease offer from Ryan Scott at Terre Verte Co.  We have 480 acres in 7N60W, Weld County.  It sounds like a small "acquisition" firm, but they also hold hold leases. Has anyone had any dealings with them? 

I very much appreciate any feedback.  Thanks.

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Rachel; I've had corresponding business dealings with Terre Verte Co. and R.C. Scott since last month on the 900 acres we were looking at multiple business spuds.  From Denver you would do well to continue with him and his company.  I would recommend him highly even though we left our deal incomplete as any business climate can concurrently have it's other competing goals.  He was the fairest of bargainers I have ever experienced with an operating petroleum expeditionary entrepreneurship. He offers a fair royalty at around 3/16ths, and applies the extra steps required in trying to reach an agreement.  I would hope this feedback helps in Weld County.  We got to talking Colorado and I kind of remember him saying there are up to 50,000 Colorado operating heads, and that over 50% or 1/2 are all in one Colorado County.  Maybe it was Weld County I don't remember if Weld was in the at that time conversation on distribution. At our time he wasn't too interested deal wise in going east of Colorado, and called the one(s) we talked about in "wildcat" county, We still think he and his partner Jay are SUPER and continue to hold him in continued highest regard. 

Oliver:  Well, thank you very much.  That is nice to hear.  I am hoping to get an offer from Ryan today.  Yes, Weld County is where most of CO oil and gas is, just not so much in our township.



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