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I have mineral rights in 32-17N-12w wondering how much I can sell them for?

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What State?

Was forced pooled one year ago, at18.50 percent royalty for 1.50 acres not sure what production is on current well as I have not yet received royalty check, this well is at one of the deepest shale deposits. The current lease is for about 2.5 more years.

Mark - 

Your lease might have 2.5 more years in it's Primary Term, but if you will read your lease carefully you will probably find that once production is established, the lease will remain in force until production ceases. 

That might be 40 years from now. 

We can't provide you with anywhere near an accurate estimate of what your interests might be worth without knowing what State your lands are in. 

It's in blain county Oklahoma

OK. I'll send your legal description to a friend of mine and ask her what she thinks they're worth. 

Is the 1.5 acres the surface acreage or your net mineral acreage? 

Net mineral acres

I should have asked before: How large is the surface tract? 

Looks like a good well , it was completed 5/29/17 and came in @600bopd and 6146 mcf of gas. You should have division orders by now and first check real soon. Did you sign division order and send it back?

Hang on! Too bad you did not negotiate a better lease. You have basically sold 81.25% of your interest.

How is that

If it is produced, that is what you have.



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