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My brothers and I have mineral rights in McKenzie county, North Dakota. We have not been paid for oil extraction by Samson Oil & Gas since June.

I have heard that they have not paid several people. I am hoping to hear from those who, like us, have not been paid.

Obviously, it has been more than 150 days and that means that they should have to pay interest of 18%. They also have financial problems.

It would be helpful to know how many people have been affected by this. If you know of someone, please reply. Thanks--Ann Marie

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150 days was Nov. 1st for last production date paid for us.  If they paid you for Junes production than Dec. was.  We may be looking into a hold payment on all our wells production until we are paid in full. 

Marly--Can you tell me what that means--to be looking at a hold payment on the wells production?

Just wondering as mineral owners if you could take payment in kind. You would have to set tanks etc. just an idea. I'm sure someone knows if you can do it.

Not 100%, but I imagine the lease would control whether or not taking in kind is possible.  I know some lessors specifically include a clause that states they can take in kind.


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