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My name is Paul Berman. I have surface rights in Reeves county to 8 acres at the Intersection of Hwy 285 and 652 Reeves County.

Is anything happening there? new drilling, pipelines, shopping malls etc. ?

Paul Berman

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Hello Paul,

You might want to post your question on the Reeves County board here.  Click on the "Groups" menu above ... then click on the "County Groups" menu ... then look for Reeves County.



Nothing formal yet, but they are trying to build a real convenience store on the SW side of that intersection.

There are new pipelines there all over the place and Recompressor stations are going around there to boost

the gas pressure for transmission to large processing plants.   One of the companies involved in developing

that area is Eclipse Midstream Services in Dallas.  Talk to Seth and tell him ol' Lawrence in Verhalen sent ya. 


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